San Fernando Valley Green Candidate Mike Powelson Thrown Out Of Debate

Further Reading, including Editor of the School Newspaper Bashing the Cal State Northridge Greens and follow up by Green members on campus: http://sundial.csun.edu/2012/05/creating-change-requires-both-your-voice-and-your-actions/

Complete Debate Video with Greens using the “Occupy-Like” Tactics MIC Check: http://www.csunas.org/csunas/watch-the-congressional-debate-2/

Right-wing Moderator calling for the “assassination” of a Green by saying to Green Party member Michael Mccue “Shoot Him In The Heart” after MIC Check. http://studiocity.patch.com/blog_posts/shoot-him-in-the-heart?ncid=newsltuspatc00000001

Green Party congressional candidate Michael Powelson was excluded from a congressional candidates debate on the Cal State Northridge (CSUN) campus on April 30. Cal State Northridge is attended by 35,000 students.

Despite pleas by students and community members, the CSUN External Affairs Committee of the Associated Students – which hosted the event – issued a statement that it excluded Powelson because “The Committee felt that an over abundance of candidates took away from the substance and quality of the discussion.”

Protestors arrived at the Valley Arts Performing Center on the CSUN campus an hour and a half before the debate and according to The Daily Sundail, set the tone of the debate early on. “Angered by the exclusion of third-party candidate and former CSUN professor Michael Powelson, audience members began heckling the candidates and moderators within the first five minutes of the event, resulting in the removal of two audience members, one of which was Powelson himself, and the threat to remove a third.” Featured in the debate were two Democrats and two Republicans.

Speaking at the protest preceding the debate, Powelson said “there is no downside to including someone such as myself. In a democracy you allow all voices to be expressed. If you don’t allow them to be expressed, they don’t go away they just get pushed underground.”

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  1. Was adding one more debater an “overabundance” ? Obviously Green Party positions that would reflect what a majority of voters actually support are a threat to the status quo. This is a good sign and hopefully gives Powelson a boost in recognition greater than what he would have received from being included in the debate.

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