Roseanne Barr Interview on AlterNet

Joshua Holland interviews Roseanne Barr on AlterNet. Read it all there, here is an excerpt:

JH: Roseanne, whenever I talk to Green Party members I hear that we just have to overcome our fear. Jill Stein said that during our interview. I guess the idea is that if progressives — or whatever you want to call us — voted for the candidates who best reflected their positions they’d vote Green.

One thing that strikes me about this is the idea of lesser-evils. What’s wrong with the idea of voting for the lesser of two evils if the alternative is electing the eviler of two evils? When I look at what the GOP is doing in terms of domestic policy, from the Ryan budget, to all of these insane anti-woman laws, to voter disenfranchisement, and harsh anti-immigration legislation. Should one not be frightened of Mitt Romney appointing a couple more right wing justices to the Supreme Court?

RB: What we should all be afraid of is that both the Democrats and the Republicans went for the same guy, so let’s not BS ourselves. Let’s put the blame on both parties and everybody in this government. They both work for the elite bankers of the Federal Reserve. They do not work for the American people. That is a sad fact. You are indeed voting for the lesser of two evils because you’re voting for the exact same party. The money party which has two faces – we should throw the bums out.

Obama is not a populist and he never was. He’s masquerading as one. Obama is Wall Street’s favorite candidate, and make no mistake: they’re going to yank everybody and work everybody so that we think there’s a real chance Romney is going to win, and he isn’t. Nobody is going to vote for Romney. This is just all theater, and at the end Obama will win by a landslide — unless I win which would be fantastic for this country. It’s all just a charade. They all work for the same guys.

Obama signed the NDAA [National Defense Authorization Act]. He doesn’t want to get rid of DOMA [Defense of Marriage Act]. He says gay rights are a state’s rights issue. His healthcare program is Romneycare, so what’s the difference? I’ll tell you what the difference is. Obama is the hand-picked person from his masters at Wall Street whose job and task is to tell the American people that their jobs and money are not ever going to come back. The American people will be pacified hearing that from a face that looks like Obama far more than a face that looks like Romney. It is all a scam from top to bottom.

Ronald Hardy


  1. I agree with your assessment of the wallstreeter’s control on this country’s people. But what should happen is a real shake up and reform of the election laws as to how we elect our government.
    The social contract between us and government is broken. People can’t compete with the huge money lining the pockets of the Dems & Reps. These two parties look like the same beast!
    Money and greed comes before people. Common sense is extinct and doing what is right doesn’t make profits for the seven sisters, the oil industry and the brown dirty fuels which pretty soon will run out. We’ll soon be without fresh water too. People in Appalachia cannot drink their stream water because it’s chemically polluted by the process of FRACKING.
    We’re trading our lives for OIL?
    No way, this is insane.
    Let’s follow the Germans, they are going solar and have a humming economy.
    They treat their workers right and know how to make things.
    Let’s learn from the Germans and we’ll be ok.
    Let’s go Green to produce Jobs and expand the grid to eachF home and commercial building too.
    Clean coal? What a scam, an aximoron too.
    How can coal be clean? A big fat LIE that intelligent people reject and only the greedy short minded care to push.
    Stein for President!!!

  2. Hon Roseanne Barr [Green Tea] has more potential to unite all people across party lines, including the Environmentalist, Pot, Socialist, Green, independents, women…virtually all Americans, including Democrats and Republicans.

    She gets it, and she’ll most likely have a much larger coordinated “army” against the two-party system; a center with left and right wings.

    While Hon Jill Stein [Green Rainbow] is a good candidate herself, she just doesn’t have the same abilities to work as a team and think on her feet.

    To prove Roseanne’s abilities, just look at the 8th USA Parliament election system and her contributions over the past year and a half where she nominated more than 60 names, called for nominations which resulted in another 125 self appointments and then her supporters helped nominate probably more than another 400 additional names from across the full political spectrum.

    Not only members of the Green Party.

    Sure Jill has been helping to establish many of the current Green Party state structures which all use primarily winner-take-all style elections, but Roseanne has also been supportive over the years, and clearly 2012 she has excelled in trying to help build the virtual American parliament.

    We’re the only national committee that uses the innovative ranked choice voting method, a system which Roseanne has also engaged in a round about way (her eballot for the ranked choice consensus was marked “spoiled” which resulted in no planks being elected to the platform).

    Roseanne has helped identify more team players of all parties and categories, and has been open to the concept that it’s going to take teamwork from a lot more people than just Greens alone.

    The mathematics of ranked choice voting (RCV), the single transferable vote (STV) and the Sainte-Lague parliament seat distribution system under the Hegenbach-Bischoff method is an algebraic-based elections system and it’s not easy understanding the full applications of the most mathematically pure proportional representation (PR) system. I know, it took me years and years to understand the mathematics and the full range of implications of its use, and I’m still learning. But if a voter can count 1, 2, 3, the more the better, then they can engage this operation.

    Roseanne has the mathematical ability and open mind to potentially grasp this. Her opponents have been contacted, but they did not respond in a supportive manner at all. On the contrary.

    If you want to work like a unity team, where every single voter can actually have an impact on the election of names and policy, you might want to check out our team and elect your name or another name(s) to represent you as well as issues/planks that you support.

    The time to act is now. Every day is crucial beyond belief. We need your help because we’re too slow, too small, and our numbers are being rapidly diminished.

    If you support another campaign, you’re still welcomed to join the team, we have no raod blocks, we’d even welcome the leaders of the Ds and Rs.

    Every name and every item for the platform is being considered on our ballots for the national 1000-member team and the DD eballot which can be obtained and executed through the following hyperlink. Please try this, and if we’re slowing you down, contact us and the problem will be happily addressed ASAP:


  3. Should have written; “We’re the only national committee that uses the innovative ranked choice *CONSENSUS* voting method.”

    That’s a system (ranked choice consensus voting) that’s vastly superior to plurality “raise the hand” consensus, because through the ranking of alternatives many more possibilities can be considered while trying to achieve 100% approval.

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