Green Party Presidential Race Updates (June 1)

Last weekend, three more state Green Parties determined their Delegate support for the Presidential Nominating Convention:

  • The Iowa Green Party has four Delegates, and the results of their presidential preference ballot was a slight lead for Jill Stein, resulting in two Delegates each for Jill Stein and Roseanne Barr.
  • The Green Party of Florida has eight Delegates. The proportional distribution of their ranked choice ballot gave Jill Stein 5 Delegates, Roseanne Barr two Delegates, and Kent Mesplay one.
  • The Green Party of Washington State’s ballots led to Jill Stein winning all four of their Delegates.

According to our *Unofficial Delegate Count*, Jill Stein now has 149 Delegates of the 201 determined thus far, Roseanne Barr is in second with 36 Delegates, Kent Mesplay is at 7.5 Delegates, and Harley Mikkelson is at 1.5. There are 7 Delegates that are “uncommitted”.

This weekend (June 2-3), the Green Parties in Michigan and Georgia will be holding state conventions to determine their Presidential Delegates. Georgia has 4 Delegates, Michigan has 16.

  • The Green Party of Michigan is meeting at Central Michigan University in Mt. Pleasant, and besides the Presidential Preference process they will be nominating candidates for Congress and State Legislative races. the GP of Michigan has a long history of running a strong slate of candidates.
  • The Georgia Green Party is meeting at the Tucker-Reid H. Cofer Public Library in Tucker, GA on Saturday June 2. Despite having one of the worst ballot access laws in the Nation, the Georgia Greens will be looking to run candidates nonetheless.

Also of note, this last week Kent Mesplay officially became (re-)recognized as a Presidential Candidate for the Green Party after raising over $5,000 for his campaign. This is Dr. Mesplay’s third run for the Presidential nomination, and thus far he is significantly behind in Delegates.

And finally, there is some action in South Dakota, North Dakota and Kentucky to meet and send Delegates to the Green Party PNC. None of the three states have currently accredited State Green Parties, but there is a process by which this can happen. The Green Party has not been on the ballot in the Dakotas since 2000.

Ronald Hardy


  1. If the USGP is still in fighting mode, let’s hope it has changed its nomination
    convention rules and isn’t going to resort again to the fraudulent conspiracy
    at the 2004 convention which smashed my candidacy and that of Carol Miller.

    Some examples of this:

    –Medea Benjamin’s workshop identifying and praising the candidacies
    of women….without mentioning me (I was standing outside the door handing
    out flyers asking why I wasn’t mentioned, or Carol Miller either). She faked
    a bad memory when someone asked her about this omission.

    –the press committee distributed press packets to the media with information
    on all candidates……except me. I found out about this talking to some
    delegates at a table. I introduced myself as a candidate for the presidential
    nomination and they were completely surprised and said they never heard of
    me and that the packets had nothing in them about me. (Of course I had
    provided the press committee with the information months before).

    –the last minute rule, imposed just before the convention began, to require
    all candidates to collect a dozen signatures to be considered as a candidate;

    –the stuffing away of my hastily gathered signatures by Lynn Serpe.
    At her request Kent Mesplay, Carol Miller and I were to give her the
    signatures by 7 pm, which we did. At midnight in my room Matt Gonzalez
    phoned me to ask where my signatures were. Lynn never gave them to him.
    I tracked her down finally and she went up to a dark office, rifled through
    a box, and found the signatures.

    –the illegal promotion of David Cobb’s candidacy by the steering committee,
    headed by Ben Manski, who got big bucks for his Liberty foundation from two
    rich Democrats for his help in squashing a potential Nader candidacy.

    — the mysterious shift of Salzman, Miller and Mesplay delegate votes
    over to Cobb at the last minute.

    Etc, etc, etc.

    People have short memories. But thankfully not Ralph Nader. His
    experience in tracking down crooks and white collar crime stood him in good
    stead. But it didn’t withstand the secret Democratic Party operatives like
    Medea Benjamin (who rolled out her blog Progressive Democrats of
    America to help squash Nader) , Manski and John Rensenbrink. The
    Green Party covered itself in green slime mold. No one will go near it now.

    Lorna Salzman

    • Lorna –

      I’m dismayed to see that you are still stuck in the negative mindset which led me to stop supporting your campaign in 2004. You are a first-rate writer, and I was drawn to your campaign by your clear expression of some positions we shared. We corresponded for a while – I tried for a while to help you get to RI for the GPRI Presidential Candidates debate – but your tendency to resort to personal attacks in writing quickly ended my enthusiasm for your candidacy.

      In the message above, you have again personally attacked people who I respect and LIKE. This is almost always a political and personal mistake. Please refrain from cluttering up these comments with such bitterness. There is a place for anger as an energizing force in political action, but the way to do that is by mobilizing people against our real enemies, not by attacking potential allies.

      Ligthen up! Try humor for a change! For your own sake and our collective one, please find ways to be more positive.

      – Larry Kern

      PS: I was one of those Delegates in Milwaukee who “mysteriously” changed from supporting Kent Mesplay in the first round to voting for David Cobb in the second – and deciding – round. I was not manipulated or pressured in any way, and I have no regrets about that choice.

  2. vote for roseanne barr. say what you want,but the greens have NO CHANCE for anything if they elect jill stein… she may be good, she may not be good, but roseanne is cert. just as good AND has the name recogniion to garner votes on that alone that could result in $$$$ for the greens for future elections and what not.

  3. Jill Stein has the gumption and integrity to lead, and correct the mistakes of the money politics and deregulation of our American Ideals that has been happening for more than 30 years now. Let’s not restore America to it’s former glory, let’s move forward and enshrine America with a proper glory. Jill Stein can do this. Be sure to support her.

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