Green Party is ON THE BALLOT in Illinois

In yet another historic feat, the Illinois Green Party submitted over 25,000 signatures to get back on the ballot in 2012, and this time the Democrats did not challenge the petitions. This means that Illinois joins California, Texas, New York and Florida to have the Green Party on the ballot this fall in the five most populous states. The next most populous state, Pennsylvania, is currently petitioning. The Green Party is currently on the ballot in 22 states, and petitioning in 18 more.

Also, two Green Party Congressional Candidates Nancy Wade (5th Congressional district) and Paula Bradshaw (12th Congressional district) submitted over 5,000 signatures each to appear on the ballot. According to the DuPage County Greens, Paula Bradshaw’s petitions were challenged. Nancy Wade announced that she is on the ballot without challenges.

Ronald Hardy


  1. Nice Job. Even better job when the Green Party Cooke County Chair and Green Party nominee for Illinois Hose rep District 53- Rob Sherman. Nice job, classy even. Using the club that the Democrats gave you to beat down other third party folks.

    Do you have ANY idea how this is going to look? My God. Oh and your excuses will mean nothing to progressive political activists.

    • If you are going to constantly try to troll the Green Party online do you think you could at least learn how to write a coherent sentence?

      • He is referring to the fact that the Illinois Green Party is suing the Justice, Socialist, Constitution, and Together Enhancing America parties to keep them off the Illinois ballot.

        • …No. A single man affiliated with the Green party challenged, not sued, the petitions of a few parties that almost certainly would have been thrown out anyway considering most of them got between 1-2 signatures. Michael is just doing his Green Party pissing and moaning routine.

          • Ben, I agree that those 4 petitions should be thrown out. I was just informing you what Michael was talking about.

          • Regardless of the source of the pissing and moaning, the original point is a valid question. While Michael incorrectly chose to portray this as an action by the “Green Party”, it still reflects poorly on us that it’s being done by an individual who is nominally listed as a chair of a Green Party county local. As members of the Coalition for Free and Open Elections we’re supposed to be advocating for the right “…to have unhindered access to the ballot and to the means of reaching the public…” (http://www.cofoe.org/principles.html). Even though those four parties are attempting to game “the system” by turning in only one or two signatures, as Greens we believe “the system” is bullshit and purposefully crafted to limit access by anyone other than the corporate parties, and we’re supposed to be working toward ways for everyone to have free and unhindered access to the ballot.

            Yes, Michael is being a jerk, and using this to attack the same group of people that actually signed petitions and collected signatures to help him and other non-Green candidates get on the ballot this year in Minnesota. But it doesn’t make the issue any less important, given our value of grassroots democracy. If a Green Party member was publicly violating the other three pillars or other nine key values, how would we react?

            Howie Hawkins has already made an eloquent public statement calling for Mr. Sherman to withdraw his challenges, and I urge others to do the same. Is it frustrating that the Rocky Anderson put zero effort into getting on the ballot while Greens and Libertarians executed a huge grassroots effort to accomplish the same result? Yes. Even more so personally because I drove down from Minnesota to Illinois and collected more signatures in three days than all of those parties combined. Will it be even more annoying when Anderson spends the next few months pretending he’s the only progressive in the race? Quite. But at the end of the day, we’re the party of principle that is supposed to be a shield and an umbrella for other progressive third parties, not the schoolyard bully that picks on smaller kids. Suck it up, take our lumps, ignore the low road taken by Michael, and move forward on electing heroes that will fight for what’s right.

  2. Congratulations! Let’s take this red and blue country and turn it green!

  3. @ Nick and others who pointed out the “deficiencies” of those other 4 petitions: don’t buy into the nonsense that the Illinois system simply presents a reasonable challenge to be achieved. At some point, we have to stop this hamster-on-a-wheel cycle of hyper-petitioning and thinking we’ve overcome some great obstacle when a state gains ballot access against great odds. Imo, Greens should have started the litigation process (well, first attempting to go through state legislatures, and when that inevitably failed…).

  4. Rob Sherman is being undemocratic and is using Dem/GOP talking points to exclude the Justice, Socialist and Constitution party candidates from the ballot. What they all did was perfectly legal and a matter of using their resources in the way they see fit.\

    I commend the Green Party for making its efforts at ballot access.. and I hope they get on many ballots, just like I hope the other 3rd party candidates do, because voters deserve choice and legit candidates deserve ballot access. Jill Stein will earn her votes, Rocky will earn his votes, Stewart Alexander will earn his votes, Virgil Goode will earn his votes etc. and we should be working together, even as separate parties to expand the third party message and in the case of the JP and the Greens, the progressive message.

    I urge everyone, to contact Mr. Sherman just like Howie Hawkins and others did, and respectfully ask him to support the democratic process and ballot access for all. Candidate suppression is not a tactic that should be affiliated with the Green Party

    • I couldn’t agree more with those statements, Dennis. He is using the same tactics they yell about. Everything was perfectly legal. Just Rob being a asshole.

  5. Hey, I left a comment here but it got caught in spam and I don’t have the power to approve it. Could someone do that please?

  6. Sincere thank you to the National Green Party with your statement to the Cooke County Green Chairperson.

    Jim Ivey- you and i should have a real heart to heart. The simple fact is that the Green party activists who gathered sigs was Amber- six signatures, Andy – three sigs.Al- who promised 200- never saw him again. The other 2386 were gathered by others. Mostly people who have left the GP.

    Jim- so that you know. I have very warm and friendly ties with people still in the GP in Minnesota. As well as those who have left the Green party. Make of that what you will.

    • Anytime, Michael. That’s too bad about the number of signatures, I thought it was more. I was in at least four different Green meetings where we passed your petitions around and people signed, and I knew Amber was splitting petitioning time between you and Jill Stein. Sorry we didn’t do better, and glad you were able to get on the ballot anyway.

      I know you have friendly ties with Greens, and I hope you consider me one of them. That doesn’t mean I appreciate it when you constantly frame every aspect of life as an insidious plot by the Green Party, and I won’t hesitate to call you out on it. I’ve only been involved with the party for a little over two years now, so I don’t know all of the soap opera history that occurred in Minnesota, but at this point I frankly don’t care and just want everyone to grow up and start working together to build as many strong, progressive third parties as we need to start taking back our government from corporations and their two political parties.

      I’ve chosen to do that with the Green Party, and you’ve chosen to go your own route, but we can still work together in many ways. However, it’s difficult to do that if you constantly use any opportunity to go onto various public forums and disparage a lot of hard-working volunteers with broad accusations. There are jerks in any organization, and I’ve certainly met a couple that call themselves Green. That doesn’t make the organization, its mission, or its members bad. You and I are both disappointed by the action taken by Rob Sherman, but at the same time I’m very proud of the immediate responses by Green Party leaders like Howie Hawkins and Jill Stein that have publicly and privately disavowed those actions and pushed for Sherman to withdraw his challenges.

      In closing, I’m still available for that coffee or beer anytime you want (though you should probably be out door-knocking for your campaign anytime the sun is up). We can talk about the road forward, and any suggestions you have for how the Green Party in Minnesota can be more supportive of other fledgling progressive parties and independent candidates.

      Good luck with your campaign for U.S. Senate, and hopefully I’ll also see some of your Rocky Anderson volunteers in St. Paul when he starts petitioning to get on the ballot. I’ll be glad to sign and encourage others to do so as well.

  7. Thanks Jim.

    This is called working together. Oh and seriously- Good job on the Green Party calling this Cooke County guy on his unbelievable actions. Talk with you soon.

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