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The Green Party is getting some press, and hopefully will be getting more leading up to this weekend’s National Convention in Baltimore. Here’s a roundup:

NPR Political Junkie: “The Green Party Makes Its Case As A Left-Leaning Alternative To Obama”

A brief overview of the platform and history of the Green Party starts this post, then this 2012 update:

2012 Greens. The party is holding its nominating convention Saturday, July 14 in Baltimore. The favorite for the nomination is Dr. Jill Stein, an environmental-health advocate who sought the Massachusetts governorship in both 2002 and 2010. She has already qualified for federal matching funds in 22 states. According to the Green Party website, Stein has 205 delegates (as of July 3) and has a huge lead over actress Rosanne Barr, with 84 delegates. Three other candidates are well behind.

USA Today: “For third-party candidates, playing field is uneven by state”

“The time, money and energy spent getting on the ballot is more than the time, money and energy spent once we are on the ballot in most of these states,” said Phil Huckleberry, co-chair of the ballot access committee for the Green Party.

Not necessarily “mainstream”, but from Insurance News: “Green Party: Despite the Supreme Court’s ruling, America Needs Medicare For All”

Medicare For All would cover all Americans, provide full choice of physician and hospital, and cut costs dramatically: current Medicare administrative overhead is only 3%, while for-profit health insurance administrative overhead is as high as 30%. The Green Party also supports efforts to enact statewide single-payer legislation in many states.

Gallup: “Little Support for Third-Party Candidates in 2012 Election”

PRINCETON, NJ — U.S. registered voters show limited support for third-party candidates this year, with the vast majority preferring Barack Obama or Mitt Romney. A June 7-10 Gallup poll asked a special presidential preference question, listing three third-party candidates in addition to Obama and Romney. Libertarian presidential nominee Gary Johnson is the choice of 3% of registered voters and Green Party candidate Jill Stein the choice of 1%. Another 2% volunteer Ron Paul’s name and 1% mention someone other than the listed candidates.

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