Green Party National Convention Begins Today

The Green Party’s Annual Meeting and Presidential Nominating Convention begins today in Baltimore, Maryland. Many of the events will be livestreamed by the Green Party, and we will have that livestream embedded here.

Some Convention highlights (see full schedule here)

Thursday July 12

  • Afternoon Workshops – Media Skills for Candidates, Student Greens, Campaign Messaging, Revisioning GPUS, and more
  • Afternoon Committee / Caucus meetings – Youth Caucus, Labor Caucus, Platform Committee
  • Evening Welcome Reception with International Greens – featuring Dr. Joachim Denkinger, Deputy Secretary General of the GREENS/EFA Group (Greens in the European Parliament), Toussaint Hinvi, Benin; Rick Leckinger, New Zealand; Keli Yen, Taiwan; and Jean Cloutier and Johan Hamels, Canada

Friday July 13

  • Morning Workshops – Occupy and the Peace Movement, From Austerity to Prosperity: The Green New Deal and the Green Economy, Fundraising for candidates, Low-carbon diet – food and the environment,
  • Morning Committee / Caucus meetings – International Committee, Latino/a Caucus, Platform Committee
  • Afternoon Workshops – Abolish Corporate Personhood, Alternative voting methods, Solar Power, “Running for the Mountains” (film with Jesse Johnson),
  • Afternoon Committee / Caucus meetings – Peace Action, National Committee Plenary
  • Evening fund raiser at Metro Gallery – featuring Green Party candidates at all levels

Saturday July 14

Presidential Nominating Convention (9 a.m. – 5 p.m.)

  • Speeches of the candidates for the nomination (Roseanne Barr and Jill Stein)
  • Keynote: Gar Alperovitz
  • Honorary Co-Chairs David Cobb and Colia Clark
  • Colin Beavan
  • George Martin
  • Margaret Flowers, M.D.
  • County Board Supervisor Leland Pan
  • 2008 Vice-Presidential nominee Rosa Clemente
  • Mayor Pam Hartwell-Herrero
  • Rev. Ed Pinkney
  • Roll call vote of the states
  • Vice Presidential acceptance speech
  • Presidential acceptance speech
  • Evening Fundraiser for the Presidential Campaign

Sunday July 15

  • Convention Plenary – The Big Picture: How our presidential campaign will build the Green Party in 2012. Presented by the campaign team of the 2012 presidential nominee.
  • Morning Workshops – Ballot Access Final Push; Spanish Language outreach and organizing; Campus Greens; Grassroots Fundraising;
  • Closing Plenary – Call to Action

Ronald Hardy


  1. So, can anybody confirm whether or not Roseanne Barr spoke at the convention? The AP says no, but I’ve seen suggestions on social media that she did. Can anybody there give us the real story?

  2. Ms. Barr did not; the green party fucked her so she didn’t go.

    I think the VP pick and Feinstein’s/Stein’s comments did it.

    Stein’s camp was as ice cold as Harvard admissions.

    She may have lost my vote.

    • That is bullshit. She had been scheduled to speak! Why didn’t she show up? Sore loser maybe?

      • It is not bullshit.

        She didn’t show because of elitist fucks like you.

        I told her not to go. I am extremely happy I did.

        Fuck you. Your life is bullshit.

    • Barr’s camp complains of racism and unfairness but consistently refuses to provide actual evidence of this. Barr lost in a landside, largely because she jumped in to the race extremely late and because the Stein campaign was better organized. How did the Green party “Fuck” her?

      • Were you at the convention?

        Did you witness the verbal assault on Farheen?

        Pathetic and fucked.

        GP did not take her seriously.

        The Stein camp sat on their antidepressant-prescribing hands as her character was assassinated.

        • Really?!?! “Verbal assault”?!?! Really?!?!

          You’re right, I wasn’t at the convention, but I did watch as Hakeem delivered an extremely rude and divisive speech on behalf of Barr. If people were outraged with her or boo’ed her afterwords I wouldn’t be surprised and wouldn’t self-pityingly refer to it as “verbal assault”.

          A major reason Barr lost is because she entered the race in February- so late that she wasn’t able to get on a lot of Green Party primary ballots. Stein was building her campaign months earlier and actually acted like she cared about the party and wanted the nomination. Barr has been acting like she’s entitled to the nomination, as if because she is a celebrity the standard rules of democracy don’t apply to her. She lost in a completely fair and transparent race. By a lot her behavior has been puerile and destructive I hope we can try to move past her.

          Oh, and I think the irony of this sentence speaks for itself. “The Stein camp sat on their antidepressant-prescribing hands as her character was assassinated.”


    • Maybe she felt “entitled” to the nomination? You know, because she is rich and famous? I’m sure her documentary will be her payback, she will trash the GP big time with that.

  3. Let us resolve that the political discourse is more toward serious and civil discussions of the issues and less ad hominem. We need a viable third party and the Green Party is at present as good a candidate as any. Commenters to this site should feel free to say anything but…

  4. Zhon, the Green Party has a great candidate, Jill Stein. You democratic party operatives have failed in your mission to derail her campaign so your trying to do what damage you can, Trolling.

    • Very unintelligent trolling at that. Ditto that Stein represents what America really wants. A real democracy with majority rule and rule of law. 1%ers really fear that.

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