Punch, Pie & Politics With Asher Platts

One of our favorite candidates this fall, Asher Platts (a.k.a. the Punk Patriot), is launching a series of house parties for his campaign for a State Senate seat in Maine:


PORTLAND – Asher Platts, Green Independent candidate for Senate District 8 in Portland, will hold the first in a series of campaign house parties on Friday, July 27th from 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. at 51 Myrtle Street, the home of Anna Trevorrow and Anthony Zeli in Bayside. Members of the public are invited.

“The aim of the house party series is to get to know all the wonderful folks that make up this district in its many neighborhoods, to get neighbors to meet each other to share food and laughs, and to share my campaign’s message that whether it is addressing climate change, fixing our broken government and economy – together we can get it done,” Platts said. “I’m really interested in building communities of citizen power from the ground up that will last through this election for years to come.”

Platts is known nationally as an Occupier-turned-candidate. He spent the fall of 2011 documenting the Occupy Movement on Wall Street and in D.C. before returning to his hometown of Portland to run for State Senate this year.

“It is crucial both to the success of Occupy as a movement and to the sustainability of our planet and our society that we as citizens occupy seats of power and radically redirect our economy to be more cooperative, our government to be more democratic, our systems of justice to be more just, and our way of life to be more sustainable. That is what I intend to do in Augusta,” Platts said.

Through the “Punch, Pie, & Politics” party series this summer and fall, Platts’ campaign hopes to identify and cultivate new participants in the movement espoused by his campaign. “We are looking for energetic people who are fed up with politics as usual, who recognize that we need drastic and immediate change at all levels of government, and who are ready to do something about it,” said Platts.

Platts, who is 29 years old, resides on Grant Street in Portland. He also serves as the Chair of the Maine Green Independent Party, is the bassist for the local rock band Theodore Treehouse, and maintains a popular vlog persona as The Punk Patriot.

Ronald Hardy

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