Green Party Secures Five More State Ballot Lines

From the Jill Stein Campaign:

Alaska, Kansas, Maryland, Washington, Wisconsin join the Green surge

Today the Stein campaign announced success in petition drives led by Greens and Volunteers for Jill Stein groups in Alaska, Kansas, Maryland, Washington, and Wisconsin. In each of these states, state elections authories have received more than enough qualified signatures to place the Green Party or the Stein/Honkala ticket on the ballot.

“As of today, voters in at least 30 states will see Jill Stein and Cheri Honkala on their ballot lines,” said Erika Wolf, associate campaign manager.

The ballot drives in Maryland and Washington states were led by their respective state parties, and supported by Stein volunteers. The ballot drive in Wisconsin was a combined effort, and the petitioning efforts in Alaska and Kansas were led and heavily financed by the Stein campaign itself, with support from local Green parties and the national Green Party of the United States.

“This is the August crunch, when the final 20 state ballot lines can either be won or lost, and we need every dollar and every volunteer we can get, right now, to make sure this campaign is truly national,” said campaign manager Ben Manski.

Ronald Hardy


  1. an FYI, there is no write-in option in South Dakota. It’s “illegal,” although I suspect they don’t hunt down someone who tries to write someone in. Butt write-ins aren’t counted there.

  2. Ballot Access News reports: that the GP missed the filing deadline by 2 hours in Kansas and Wisconsin has rejected the petitions on a technicality . Nader challenged that technicality and it was ruled unconstitutional.

  3. There is a positive lesson here for Greens. The Libertarians learned it long ago. Candidates seeking the Green Party nomination need to start their campaigns earlier. January 2015, for example for the next cycle. Also petitioning needs to start, in most states, in the summer of 2015 for the 2016 election. That would have meant Greens starting their petitioning for this 2012 race in the summer of 2011. According to Richard Winger, of Ballot Access News, this is permitted in most states.

  4. Dr. Stein started early enough but Democracy is messy. She had to deal with challenges from Barr, Mesplay, and Mickelson. which deverted time and money from Ballot Access. Many Greens didn’t commit financially till it became clear she would be the nominee and had a shot at matching funds. Libertarians have a better fundraising base constituency than Greens from which to finance Ballot Access Drives.

    • The Libertarians have a broader network of support. They have long standing ballot access in states like Indiana and Georgia because frankly (and as a Green I’d like to change this) those states have constituencies that are more receptive to the Libertarian message than the Green message. They tend to be a party who attracts activists who are more interested in politics for the sport of it, and who therefore spend more time strategizing their ballot access efforts. They nominated a higher-profile candidate. They held their convention earlier (though he too had opponents to defeat). There are reasons the Libertarians are beating us this year. We need to do better.

  5. All in all it is positive news. I hear more about third party voting this year than ever and have converted many to voting Green this year. Hope and change I can believe in rather than fear and loathing and hate for the greater of two evils. At last the falling drop will wear the stone. Keep the faith.

  6. You all are going to lose-AGAIN!
    Last chance-GP endorse Progressive Libertarian Alliance Strategy.
    Remove Stein/Honkala.
    Conduct online nomination/election like Boston Tea Party did.
    Replace Stein/Honkala with a PLAS ticket. It just might win if you haven’t waited too long-by a slim plurality in a 3 way race. 40 PLAS/30 democrat/30 republican.

  7. Any word on Virginia yet? I’ve been trying to find out but no word, nada. In the last election, Mckinney ended up as just a write-in. What’s going on?

  8. Paco, it isall on my website. PLAS is nothing new. It became so divisive bt efforts to suppress it, it was condemned to its own thread in Independent Political Report. Then I was banned by that rightist ownedand dominated rag.
    Basically a fusion ticket is the key. A progressive man president/libertarian woman vice president.
    I believe that if Teddy Rooseelt had pursuaded Wilson to abandon the democratic party and join his new Progressive Bull Moose party, the progressives could have won in 1912. Now, the addition of a libertarian to a progressive ticket could get The Libertarian Vote/see Cato Institute study 13%. The progressive ote/ TR 1912 27%.
    It is not too late! Remove Stein/Honkala. Replace with PLAS ticket. Substitution should be allowed-if not legal action should be able to prevail in courts. Allow early oters to change ote on election day. Allow party to substitute ticket on election day etc.
    This is not to say Stein/Honkala are not good, qualified candidates/good people. It is just not a winning ticket because of STRATEGY!

    • Stein’s strategy is the same old strategy. Rally your supporters. Campaign to try to expand your support. But right from the start, most voters decide no third party or independent can win.They gradually withdraw support. Finally on election day, only dedicated supporters are left. Most leftists wind up voting democrat, their lesser of 2 evils. or not vote at all. most libertarians vote trepublican. or not vote at all. PLAS cpombines their vote so they could [possibly win 27% + 13% and thereby gradually gain support.

  9. Everyone-Go to IPR and comment on the PLAS thread to revive it. New comments goto the top of the list just like here. I can’t do that because I have been banned from commenting.

    • correction. this scenario would be substituting a libertarian m or f for vp removing honkala. that would make a plas ticket with a woman for president. This is possible but not preferable. howeer, I would support that rather than a non-plas ticket.
      clearly Richard and I would be needed to help the gp accomplish this. I have no interest in supporting Ron Paul. he is not a libertarian. he is a counterrevolutionary.

  10. Ut doesn’t matter if you get on all50/51 ballots. You are still going to lose. Because your strategy-the same old losing strategy-sucks. So let’s watch the clock run out of time and not change the strategy & lose. Losers. You could have won. TR could have won. But who learns from history? Not the Green party, that’s for sure. The Great Manski, losing campaign manager. Good job losing you loser.

  11. What? no further comments? no reactions to anything I’ve written here? Who is on watch here,anybody? no de niles? no we are not losers!lol! no support for plas? hey, bob, we are going to lose so maybe we should try plas. allwe have to lose is to lose-AGAIN! how many times are you going to try something & expect a different result? the definition of insanity! are you MAD! yes, you, you green puke losers.

  12. ok, losers. i’ve written richard winger about our situation/predicament.
    I asked him if it is too late to substitute the losing ticket Stein Honkala with a competitive plas ticket.
    And I repeat, this is not due to any shortcoming with Stein or Honkala. They are good candidates, dedicated party members, qualified and good people. This has to do with strategy.
    I am awaiting a reply.
    I also have written Susan Hogarth. She is my first pick for vp. She is the founder of the Radical Caucus.
    IMO the best replacement ticket is Milnes/Hogarth. However thereare many possible plas tickets. The Green party has to decide whether to replace a ticket all but guaranteed to lose with one that has a reasonable chance to be competitive and win.
    They need to decide on the due process for this.
    I’ve written Hogarth recently . Am awaiting reply.
    If you want to lose, just continue what you are doing. You will succeed. Just lay back and enjoy it.
    If you want to win, you damned well better do something fast.

  13. 2 things that apply to both Stein/Honkala and Johnson/Gray. The CPD debates and matching funds. They both are qualifying for matching funds and neither are going to get into the debates. Because the powers that be-the democrats and republicans,-the reactionaries, understand well the election system that keeps them in power. They have ingeniously linked qualifying to polling. Knowing full well third parties and independents rarely poll 15% or more.
    A plas ticket should quickly poll 15% or more -IF it is publicized as a deliberate combining of 2 blocs of votes that could reach a winning 40%. Voter education about plas is essential to its success. The National Education Association could be a big help here.
    Matching funds seems important but it actually is an admission that the ticket is lacking in fundraising ability and needs help. But it is not enough help to be competitive with hundreds of millions of dollars. That is why Obama declined matching funds and abandoned election reform.
    A plas ticket would divert hundreds of millions from the democrats and republicans therefore would not need matching funds.

  14. Noted recent Johnson 4% Stein 2%.
    LP & GP are going to lose. Not going to get in debates.
    I repeat what I’ve said many times for a long time.
    NOW would you like to try PLAS?

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