Ronald Hardy


  1. I completely agree with what Jill Stein and Cheri Honkala said during their interview with Bill Moyers. They were articulate and expressed how I feel about the political process in the United States. I’m glad that shows like Bill Moyers’ exist to give them the opportunity to be heard by the American public; the major political parties won’t give them that opportunity.

    There are very good reasons why my family and other families aren’t doing better no matter how hard we try, why decent people are losing their homes to foreclosure, why our environment has become a political battleground as well, and why we’re still fighting wars that only drain money from our economy, money that can be used to build roads and improve our schools, and for many other beneficial purposes. In my view, these reasons have mostly do with corporate and individual greed, and the complacency of a substantial number of American people. Most people I know are content to sit on the political sidelines or vote once every two or four years. They’d rather spend time on personal activities than do phone banking, blogging and knocking on doors. True activism, of the kind practiced by our country’s founding fathers, is what’s needed if our country is to become great like it once was. We also need more sincere and open debate and less complaining. WE need to take to the streets and express our outrage about what’s going on in OUR country, as is done in other countries. Certainly we need to work for more acceptance of and empowered participation by third-party candidates like those of the Green Party. They truly represent us and aren’t beholden to wealthy individuals and corporate interests. If the Presidential election were more about fair representation and democracy, and less about protecting the interests of the wealthiest 1%, everyone who isn’t included in that 1% would have a better chance in this country. The Presidential election has essentially become a series of commercials and promises, with much less substance than in elections in previous centuries.

    I plan to support the Green Party and excellent candidates like Jill Stein and Cheri Honkala as long and as actively as I can. I urge others to do so for their own good and for our country’s good. Voting for the Green Party candidates may take votes away from the Democrats and Republicans, but remember this: we may be better off if either Obama wins or Romney wins in November, depending on your circumstances and which of them you support for President. However, we’ll be much better off if Jill Stein and Cheri Honkala win. It may take many years for the Green Party to finally win a Presidential election, but we need to work towards that goal starting with this election. A vote for them is a vote for a Government that truly represents the People, and one less vote for Plutocracy. For that matter it’s a vote for a better world. Visit my political blog at I’m mad as hell and I won’t take it anymore! .

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