Jill Stein for President fundraising update

From Jill Stein for President:

Thank you to each of you who made contributions last week to close out the primary campaign season. Because of you, our first two TV ad campaigns ran nationally on all coasts and everywhere between, and we were able to make concerted ad buys in communities as particular as Duluth, Minnesota and Syracuse, New York, and as large as Portland, Oregon and Austin, Texas. These ads ran at the height of the Democratic National Convention, and they attracted media coverage and debate as well.

Because of you, we leave the primary season with limited debt, primarily for expenses related to ballot access, and we expect that nearly 9-of-10 voters will see Jill Stein and Cheri Honkala’s names on their ballots.

Over the weekend, we switched gears, and moved into the general election season. This means we are soon to announce the hires of ten new staff people, all of whom are ramping up their efforts to get Jill and Cheri into the debates, organize Superrallies, organize key constituencies and communities, raise money, mobilize volunteers, and turn the Stein-Honkala ticket into the Green Party campaign you’ve been waiting for.

We’re also about to make a critical decision: Can we afford to hire field staff to coordinate volunteers in different regions of the country? We have to make this decision now because it will take time to make the hires and to get our new staff up and running. And time, along with money, is an item we never have enough of.

Thankfully, we are surging forward. On Facebook, more than 50,000 people have “Liked” Jill Stein for President, up 250% from under 20,000 just two weeks ago. More voters will be able to vote Green in this election than ever before. And just today, a CNN poll showed Jill Stein at 2% of registered voters — that’s not where we intend to be on election day, but it’s already almost 20 times the percentage received by our presidential nominees in recent elections.

As Jill often says, “we are taking this breaking point and turning it into a tipping point.” This is the moment for us to do that. We’ve made it possible for voters to vote Green. We’ve put our presidential candidates on the national media stage. Now we must help Jill and Cheri win voters over to voting Green.

Thank you for making the primary campaign a success. Thank you for helping us pay off our debt from the primary season. And thank you for continuing to move forward with us into the general election so that we can deliver the demand for a Green New Deal for America.

  • If we raise just $10,000 by midnight on Tuesday, we will move ahead with plans to hire at least four regional field organizers.
  • If we raise $15,000, we will bite the bullet, and hire regional organizers covering every part of the country.

Every day in an election campaign is decision day. Please help us decide to expand our field team by donating now: http://www.JillStein.org/donate

Thank you,

Ben Manski
Campaign Manager

Dave Schwab

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