Jill Stein: “85% can vote Green! Next question is, how many will?”

From Jill Stein for President:

I am writing you to say thank you for your very generous support of Cheri and me in our campaign, and also to give you some exciting updates.

We’ve been on a roll – qualifying for federal matching funds, getting on 85% of the ballots, raising nearly $500,000 (please donate to build on that!), winning unprecedented media coverage, and receiving a hero’s welcome on the campaign trail:

  • walking the picket lines in Chicago;
  • addressing Occupy Wall Street’s 1st anniversary celebration;
  • Cornel West and Tavis Smiley’s Poverty Tour 2.0;
  • speeches before the Veterans for Peace Convention and at Fighting Bob Fest, and much more.

Jill-Stein-supports-the-Robin-Hood-tax_.pngFor the first ten months of our campaign, we poured the vast majority of our campaign resources into the fight to get on the ballot. We worked tirelessly to defend your right to vote for the candidate of your choice.

But now, in our eleventh month, we can say with pride that 85% of voters will see my name on the ballot. And now –right now– is the time to this opportunity we’ve all created and to run an all out campaign to raise the spirits and win the voters of Americans.

We are already showing up in the polls, rising 2.1% in the last couple weeks – that’s 2.5 million voters! Imagine how these numbers will rise when we are in full swing, reaching out to the tens of millions of students, workers, occupiers, unemployed, uninsured, immigrants, and advocates for peace, climate, civil liberties and racial justice who are looking for a real choice in this election that’s not bought and paid for by Wall Street.

Jill-Stein-on-the-picket-line.pngNearly half of eligible voters are predicted to sit out the election this year because they don’t support either Obama or Romney. That’s because they haven’t heard about us yet.

Please help us raise our voices by making a contribution to our general election campaign. I am asking everyone who has already contributed to make a donation of the same size or larger than your contribution during the primary. And I am challenging everyone who has yet to donate to make a first-time donation right now. If you do that, we’ll have the resources needed to get the word out, and harness the winds of this perfect storm for political transformation.

Here’s an added incentive. We qualified for matching funds in the primary. But during the general election, there is an even bigger, indirect match that kicks in if we boost our vote on November 6th to at least 5% of the total. Winning 5% of the vote in November will unleash a $20,000,000 grant from the public treasury for the next presidential election.

If we can raise as much in the next seven weeks as we did in the primary, about $450,000, that will allow us to run the full-fledged campaign that has a shot at 5% of the vote. If we raise $450,000, we can hire the staff to organize our thousands of volunteers to get the word out, we can resume our TV ad campaign, we can mobilize the vast networks waiting to hear about our campaign, and we can build the grass roots organization for the Green Party politics of integrity for the long haul.

Think about it. Raising another $450,000 now could mean getting 40 times as much money for the next general election. That is a 40:1 return on every dollar of your contribution!

By making a generous contribution now – at this time of urgent need and breath-taking possibility – you help fulfill the potential of this campaign and the Green Party to transform our future.

Please help turn this breaking point into a tipping point to take back the promise of democracy and the peaceful just green future we deserve. Go to JillStein.org to contribute, or send a check made out to Jill Stein for President to P.O. Box 260217, Madison, WI 53726-0217. Thank you for standing up for people, peace and the planet!

  ~ Dr. Jill Stein

Dave Schwab


  1. Lets be honest if Jill Stein gets to 2% that will shocking, honestly if she breaks 1% that will probably be good.

    • If others were honest to the American people right now (Obama, Romney, etc.) Stein would be polling at 20% and gaining ground everyday. Vote your conscience not your fear and let the chips fall where they may.

      • I notice a lot people make those claims about their candidates, I really don’t see any way to measure what that is true or not. What makes you think that if other were “honest” Jill Stein would be at 20%? One of the greatest mistakes that anyone can make in politics is thinking that just because a platform appeals to them it has to appeal to a lot of people and it is the media fault that it doesn’t.

        • You read my comment wrong; I’m saying if Rmoney and Obomba were honest then most people wouldn’t give them their vote.

          • Hello, BSbafflesbrains.

            I was thinking about voting Green this election, but your racism in rendering Obama’s name in a way reminiscent of tribal African drum dances has changed my mind.

            If this is the sort of thought that supports the green party, I don’t see it succeeding in terms of true morality.

            Because my morals are what dictates my vote, I think I will have to stand up for the guy who tries to institute nationwide health care and gives massive grants to solar panel developers and college students.

            There really is a difference between Obama and Romney – it might not be too huge, but saying that they’re the same is just fodder for reality-divorced conspiracy theories.

          • Since you start out your comment being obviously dishonest you are voting for the right candidate. Obomba refers to our Commander in Chief ordering drone strikes at “suspected” terrorists on foreign soil.

  2. I will be voting Green in IL this election cycle. I voted for Obama in 2008, but can no longer support him. He became a Wall Street and corporate president. BSbafflesbrains, you should have called him O-BOMB-a. Perhaps that would have made your message clearer? Don’t worry, I understand EXACTLY where you are coming from. It wasn’t racist, you were simply pointing out his military interventions. Hey, weren’t we supposed to end that war in Afghanistan as well? That worked mighty good for the former Soviet Union didn’t it? While we pour billions into Iraq and Afghanistan, our roads and schools crumble.

    • Go Green!, Dr. Stein may only be showing up in the MSM polls at 1-2% but I am hearing more and more people saying they want to vote their conscience not based on the fear promulgated by the two main parties.

  3. Vote for the candidate that you feel most aligns with your beliefs and not the people who follow them. Making judgments on a party because of one supporters comments upset you shouldn’t determine your vote.

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