Digital Town Hall Climate Change Meeting With Stein, McKibben, & Beavan

Sunday September 30th at 7 EST, 4 Pacific, join Dr. Jill Stein, Colin “No Impact Man” Beavan, and climate change expert Bill McKibben for an online “Town Hall Meeting” on Climate Change. From JillStein.org:

Despite the Democrat and Republican candidates’ near silence on the issue, climate change is happening, the impacts are getting more severe, and it’s not something we can choose to ignore.

Join us online this Sunday, September 30th at 4pmPST/7pmEST to hear how Jill Stein’s Green New Deal would curb climate change and transition the United States to a sustainable economy.


  • Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein
  • Colin Beavan, aka No Impact Man, Green Party Candidate for Congress, will moderate the event
  • Bill McKibben, author and climate change expert, will offer scientific, non-partisan background on the issue

Where: http://www.livestream.com/greenpartyus


Here’s how to participate in the event:

  • Click here on Sunday 9/30 at 4pmPST/7pmEST. (Yes, it’s that easy!)
  • Host a house party! (Of course, this is optional, but we’d be grateful if you chose to!) Have a little BBQ with neighbors and friends and watch the event together. If you and your guests are impressed with what you learn about the vision of the campaign, collect donations to help that dream become reality!
  • Join the conversation online! Use the hashtag #ClimateTownHall to share your thoughts and questions with us on Twitter. Post comments on our Facebook wall, as well as your own (be sure to tag our page).

Have a question you’d like Jill to answer? You can submit questions both before and during the event in the following ways:

  • Tweet your question using the hashtag #ClimateTownHall
  • Post your question on our Facebook wall. (Please still tag it #ClimateTownHall, so we know it’s related to this event.)
  • Share your question with us on Google+ (again, using the hashtag above).
  • Submit your question during the event on LiveStream.

And, here’s how to help us demand action now!

This event is just one part of an entire day of action. The Green Party is urging local supporters to organize events (or issue a release) in your community to highlight our demand that the US take action now on climate change. The Green Party of NY has drafted a Green Climate Change Model Media Release and Green Climate Change Action Plan you can use for local releases, news conferences, and media events.

The Republicans are climate change deniers, the Democrats are climate change evaders. Contact dunleamark@aol.com or visit the Green Party of New York State website for more information.

Ronald Hardy

One Comment

  1. First we had Reefer Madness and now Climate Blame and history is laughing at you remaining end of the world freaks of climate change. You don’t see that Climate change belief has vanished and Romney thanks you for fear mongering votes his way as you remaining believers sheepishly cling to the general headlines of;
    “All of science agrees climate change is real, is happening and could cause a crisis unstoppable warming.”
    Yes that’s right, “COULD”! HELP MY HOUSE IS ON FIRE, sort of, could be, maybe?
    Not one single scientific warning says it “WILL” happen despite being “at the brink”. So why are you climate change believing planet lovers not demanding that science be clear about the dangers of Human caused climate crisis as only a comet hit could be worse.
    How close “to the brink” of unstoppable warming will science take us before they finally say a crisis “is going to happen”, not just might happen?

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