Jill Stein in Alternative Presidential Debate This Thursday

This Thursday October 18, the Green Party’s Jill Stein and Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson will face off in a Presidential debate two days after the CPD debate which excluded them again. The Independent Voter Network (IVN) and Google+ Politics will be hosting the first ever, online presidential debate. Unlike debates in the past, the candidates and moderators will simultaneously participate from different states.

Each participant will appear using live, videoconference technology and respond to questions submitted online from citizens like you!

The online presidential debate will focus on five key topics in domestic policy including:

  • Tax and Economic Policy,
  • Energy,
  • Housing and Financial Regulation,
  • Foreign Policy, and
  • One topic selected based upon online user response.

IVN.us will be looking to voters across the country to participate by submitting their questions for the candidates within each topic. Each topic will include two questions submitted using the hashtag #indyvote on Google+ and Twitter, or responding to calls for questions on the ‘Independent Voter’ Facebook Page.

The debate can be viewed live on October 18, 2012 beginning at 4pm Pacific on IVN.us, or on IVN.us’ Google+ and YouTube page.

Follow the hashtag #indyvote on Twitter and Google+ during the debate to join the conversation, respond to the candidates, and let them know how they are doing in answering your questions. Learn more about how to participate by watching this video:

Ronald Hardy


  1. I have heard both candidates speak and hope many people see the debate because there will be real answers to questions not posing that we heard last night from Pres Obama and Gov Romney.

  2. Maybe too late, but a campaign idea: A Cartoon…I saw a picture of Obama and Romney shaking hands that could be used, with the words printed above each: “I won’t talk about anything relevant if you won’t!”

  3. First of all, I am English and live in Thailand.
    I was very surprised to see Aljezeera show the debate live. I only caught the last few minutes of the debate as I did not realise that it was televised. I will certainly watch the next debate. It is refreshing to see the liveliness shown, as the 2 main candidates debates have been very dull and uninteresting.
    Long live real democracy and free speech. This comes from a country with massive USA military support to a country that does not have free speech.

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