New York Green Party Denounces Green Candidate Hassig

As reported by the Capital Confidential, the Green Party of New York has denounced congressional candidate Don Hassig, running on the Green Party ticket in the 21st District.

At a candidates forum Thursday night, Hassig blasted immigrant farm workers in very harsh terms. From North Country Public Radio:

“I do not want Mexicans on the farms of St. Lawrence County, or the farms of Clinton County, or the farms of Washington County — any of these farms,” Hassig said.

Hassig blasted migrant workers for not speaking English and, he alleged, mistreating livestock.

“I would like to see them get their asses kicked out of here,” Hassig concluded, and he accused foreign workers of taking jobs away from North Country residents.

The Green Party of New York issued the following statement:

The Green Party of NY State denounced Donald Hassig, GP Congressional candidate in District 21, for his comments regarding immigration and farm workers at a forum in Wanakena, NY on Thursday night. Green Party officers said Hassig’s comments have nothing to do with the Green platform or the 4 Pillars of the international Green movement: Grassroots Democracy, Social Justice, Ecological Wisdom, and Nonviolence.

“Donald Hassig’s statements are disturbing and reprehensible, and have nothing to do with Green Party values. Contrary to Mr. Hassig’s statements, the party has long been a champion of immigrant rights and a just immigration policy. With his statements, Mr. Hassig has placed himself outside the Green Party’s platform and its values. Hassig petitioned to be on the Green ballot line, but we do not consider him a Green candidate,” said party co-chair Gloria Mattera.

“The Green Party has long supported the rights of migrant farm workers, including fights to help them win increased wages, union rights, and citizenship. We want to build a New York that welcomes diversity and tolerance, and the first step towards that is protecting and helping the most disadvantaged, especially immigrant workers, from persecution and abuse. We stand by those values, and not the hateful words spoken by candidate Hassig,” said party secretary Peter LaVenia.

“We need a Green New Deal, not the persecution of migrant workers, to address unemployment in New York and across the country. Don Hassig’s views are completely against the principles of Green Politics and the Green Party of New York State. We call on Greens to condemn the suggestion of violence against migrant workers and instead work in solidarity to confront the global trade policies that induce so many to travel far from their families under dangerous circumstances for such precarious employment,” said party co-chair Michael O’Neil.

Ronald Hardy


  1. So why isn’t he kicked out of the party? An openly racist statement is plenty grounds for that. It’s no doubt too late to strip him off the ballot but an expulsion can happen right away: let’s see some action. ““I do not want Mexicans on the farms…” he says, and is still able to represent The Green Party?! what a pig this guy is.

    • Good, Strong Green Party Candidate Hassig on Immigration and Punishing
      the Evil Watertown Daily Times and the Quick to Take Offense New York
      State Green Party

      I am for diligently enforced limitations on immigration. Our country
      has a population that exceeds 308 million. There is no benefit to
      having a higher human population in America. The environment and the
      other living beings are much benefited by limitations upon human
      population. For these reasons I am for no growth in population. The
      right immigration policy for maintaining a stable population is very
      simple. We only allow into our country those people with great
      expertise in valuable skills and knowledge and relatives of citizens.
      Considering this limitation on immigration, we do not let in farm
      workers, laborers and other low-skilled people.

      Factory dairy farms must someday be outlawed. In the meantime, the
      factory dairy farmers should pay their farm workers a living wage. If
      the factory dairy farmers offered a living way to workers, there would
      be plenty of American citizens who wanted those jobs. The key is
      forcing the factory dairy farmers to pay a living wage.

      New York State Green Party leaders Gloria Mattera, Peter La Venia and
      Michael O’Neil owe me a big apology. It does not appear that they
      have the character that is required to admit that they were wrong.
      They spoke badly of me without talking to me about what I had said.
      They took offense at out of context statements that were reported by
      the corrupt corporate news media and attacked me viciously. I said
      that people who do not speak English should not be caring for and
      milking dairy cows on American factory farms. I stand by every word
      of what I said. The urban Green Party leaders named above know
      nothing about caring for and milking dairy cows. They jumped on the
      bandwagon of the corrupt corporate news media portraying me as a
      racist. The evil Brian Amaral and Robert Gorman of the Watertown
      Daily Times succeeded in tricking these quick to take offense Green
      Party leaders into attacking the good, strong Green Party candidate
      Donald L. Hassig.

      I have decided to file a Civil Rights Act anti-discrimination lawsuit
      against the Johnson Newspaper Corporation which publishes the
      Watertown Daily Times. I have decided to file libel suits against the
      New York State Green Party and the three offending Green Party
      leaders. I will teach these less than honorable people the meaning of
      love. My love of dairy cows and America will give me wonderful power
      for creating lawsuits that take these losers down. Viva the Love
      Enough Revolution!!

  2. the answer is to end state involvement in the selection of candidates. all political parties would have to become membership organistions with there own rules for selecting candidates. if you read ballot acess news there is a candidate in these election who is a democrat who the democrats cant remove also. he can only be expelled from the green party if he is a member and no one has said that he is.

  3. Ballot access is governed by state rules, not political parties (pros and cons to either way., imo). If this guy got on the ballot legitimately, which he probably did, there is nothing the party can do about it, except what they’ve done – take the appropriate step and issue a media statement denouncing him. This happens with major parties, as well.

  4. Confronting Urban NYS Green Party Leaders Who Attacked Me for Saying
    Mexicans Should Not be Milking American Cows

    Green Party Candidate Hassig on the Abuse of Dairy Cattle on Factory Farms

    A citizen residing in my congressional district asked the question,
    “What is your position on having immigrants in America for milking
    cows and doing other farm work?”

    My answer was very straightforward and simple. I said that I was
    opposed to having non-English speaking people caring for and milking
    cows in America. I explained that caring for and milking cows was
    relatively complex work that could not be done without the ability to
    speak and read English: the farm owners and managers speak English
    and most do not speak any other language; the medications and
    chemicals used on dairy farms are not all labeled with languages other
    than English; the mechanical equipment used on dairy farms is not all
    labelled with languages other than English. I took the position that
    it was a further abuse of already much abused cattle to employ
    non-English speaking people to care for them and milk them. I
    finished my answer to the question from a potential voter by say, “I
    would like to see the Mexican dairy farm workers get their asses
    kicked out of our country.” I said it. I meant it. I strongly
    oppose the use of non-English speaking farm workers to care for and
    milk dairy cows.

    I did not think or speak anything that involved any negativity based
    in considerations of race or nationality. I used the word “Mexicans”
    because it is my experience that some of the non-English speaking
    people who work on dairy farms in New York State are Mexicans. I have
    personal knowledge that non-English speaking farm workers on the
    factory dairy farm across the road from my farm in St. Lawrence County
    are Mexicans. That is the nationality that is stated when the people
    I talk to in St. Lawrence County talk about these farm workers. I did
    not seek to convey any negative attitude toward Mexicans when I made
    this statement. I said Mexicans because I believe that Mexicans are
    doing this work. To the best of my knowledge, Mexicans are doing this

    Caring for and milking dairy cows can not be done in a sufficiently
    well-done way by people who do not speak the English language on
    factory farms where the managers and owners speak English and most
    often speak no other language. Low quality care and milking leads to
    mastitis problems for the cows. Low quality care and milking leads to
    more suffering for the cows that are suffering too much when they are
    cared for by people who speak English. Using non-English speaking
    workers to care for and milk dairy cows on factory farms is very
    abusive of cows. I am very, very opposed to factory farmers abusing
    cows. I am for banning factory farming because it is abusive of

    America must face and deal with the abuse of cattle that takes place
    on factory dairy farms. America must ban factory dairy farms.

    Dealing with the Urban Green Party Leaders That Know Nothing About
    Caring for and Milking Dairy Cattle on Factory Farms

    I have spoken with Gloria Mattera and Michael O’Neil, two of the New
    York State Green Party leaders that wrote a denunciation of me and
    published that denunciation on the website of the Green Party of New
    York State. I found Ms. Mattera to be offensively elitist in her
    respone to my criiticism of her bad behavior. She hung up on me when
    I started to describe the utter lack of knowledge that she
    demonstrated concerning the care and milking of dairy cows on factory
    farms. I called her back and left a voice mail that included the
    word, “Bitch”. I said that and I meant it. It is my opinion that
    Gloria Mattera is an American elitist bitch.

    I spoke with Michael O’Neil at length about the reasons why I said
    that Mexicans should not be caring for and milking cows on American
    factory farms. He listened to what I had to say and then offered to
    publish a statement authored by me on the Green Party website. I
    stated that this was not what I wanted. I stated that I wanted a
    retraction and an apology to be published on the Green Party website
    by no later than midnight on October 19th. I stated that if this was
    not done, I would file suit against Ms. Mattera, Mr. O’Neil and Mr. La
    Venia. I said this and I meant it. I am not going to accept this
    abuse from urban Green Party leaders who know nothing about dairy
    cattle and factory farms. I look forward to teaching these three less
    than honorable Green Party leaders about love of cattle and what a
    good, strong American man will do to forge ahead with speaking out
    about the abuse of cattle on factory farms.

    Donald L. Hassig, Director
    Cancer Action NY
    Cancer Action News Network
    P O Box 340
    Colton, NY USA 13625

  5. Wow; or, Holy Cow!! Seems like some folk got their teats in a ringer over this New York deal!! It would be to the benefit of all parties furthering the best interests of the planet to reach a mutually satisfactory, peaceful, out of court settlement, of this emotional/language/attitude/consciousness misunderstanding so as it not be used to further harm the goals that we collectively agree on. Free the cows, cut the methane, Go Soyamilch! Thank you.

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