Ronald Hardy


  1. Stein arrested again, this time for supplying the tarsands blockaders in Texas. Cheri and Jill will have quite a rap sheet by the time they take office in January 2012 or 2016. Go Green and save the planet and the Country. If only all politician would walk the walk not just talk the talk.

  2. probably a chance of an icecube in a hot frying pan, but yeah, would love seeing two women in office today; the reptiles would slow burn even maybe jump out of the pan into the fire; last election would have put Clinton female in there to rattle the elite just to be different, even Sarah; I’ve have had enough of this male dominated imperialism born into, too long too far, generations unseen they are, being noticed today; let’s show em’ we can be them without being them, so from a 59 yr old dude here, here’s to Stein/Cheri, let’s put that spirit there, rap em’ up girls, rap sheet and all

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