Jill Stein Arrested at Keystone Pipeline Protest

From the Washington Post:

By Steven Mufson, Wednesday, October 31, 11:24 AM

Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein was arrested Wednesday morning in east Texas while attempting to resupply protesters camping out in trees to oppose the Keystone XL pipeline, according to anti-pipeline activists.

Opponents of the pipeline have climbed some trees in the path of the pipeline in Winnsboro, Tex., and have been there for 38 days.

Stein was taken to the Wood County jail, said Kim Huynh, a spokesman for the Tar Sands Blockade. Earlier, Stein said in a statement that “the climate is taking this election by storm, breaking the silence of the Obama and Romney campaigns that have been bought and paid for by the oil, coal and gas companies.” She added, “Hurricane Sandy is just a taste of what’s to come under the climate destroying policies of Romney and Obama.”

Ronald Hardy


  1. My respect to Jill and well done to those green party militants who sacrifice their wellbeing in order to wake up Americans from their indefference about climate change thanks to oil drilling, consuming and spilling!

  2. I voted for Jill today because she represents my politics, Obama doesn’t, sadly.

  3. Voted for Jill as did my family. Impressive performance at the Free and Clear debate on RT last night.

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