Green Party Election Results – Congressional Campaigns

The Green Party ran 7 candidates for US Senate and 64 candidates for the US House of Representatives.

These election results are preliminary, official tallies will not be certified for several weeks.

Election Results

US Senate candidate Martin Pleasant (TN) with Jill Stein

US Senate

  • Colia Clark (NY) – 36,075 votes (0.6%)  finished 3rd of 5
  • Martin Pleasant (TN) – 37,925 votes (1.6%) finished 3rd of 5
  • David Collins (TX) – 67,791 votes (0.9%) finished 4th of 4
  • Harley Mikkelson (MI) – 27,426 votes (0.6%) finished 4th of 5
  • Ken Wolski (NJ) – 14,100 votes (0.5%) finished 4th of 5
  • Andrew Groff (DE) – 3,191 votes (0.8%) finished 4th of 4
  • Bob Henry Baber (WV) – 19,231 votes (3.0%) finished 3rd of 3

In total, 205,739 votes were cast for Green Party US Senate candidates.

US House of Representatives

In total, 381,225 votes were cast across the U.S. for Green Party candidates running for the US House of Representatives.



California  (California’s Top Two Primary means that the following candidates “lost” on the June 5th Primary)







  • Ellis Boal: (MI-01) – 4,156 votes (1.2%) 4th of 4
  • William J. Opalicky: (MI-02) – 2,709 votes (0.9%) 5th of 5
  • Pat Timmons: (MI 04) – 2,760 votes (0.9%) 5th of 5
  • Richard E. Wunsch: (MI-07) – 3,455 votes (1.1%) 4th of 4
  • Julia Williams: (MI-09) – 4,706 votes (1.4%) 4th of 5
  • Steven Paul Duke: (MI-11) – 4,471 votes (1.3%) 4th of 5
  • Douglas Campbell: (MI-14) – 2,860 votes (0.9%) 4th of 4

New Jersey

New York



South Carolina

  • Jeff Sumerel – (SC-04) – 3,341 votes (1.3%) 3rd of 3
  • Nammu Muhammad – (SC-06) – 12,060 votes (5.6%) 2nd of 2 (note – no republican in this race)



  • Mark Roberts – (TX-02) – 1,999 votes (0.8%) 4th of 4
  • Brandon Parmer – (TX-06) -2,015 votes (0.8%) 4th of 4
  • Lance Findley – (TX-07) -1,811 votes (0.8%) 4th of 4
  • Vanessa Foster – (TX-09) -1,738 votes (0.9%) 3rd of 4
  • Keith Houston – (TX-13) -5,895 votes (2.9%) 3rd of 3 (note – no democrat in this race)
  • Rhett Smith (TX-14) -1,053 votes (0.4%) 4th of 4
  • Antonio Diaz – (TX-20) -1,621 votes (0.9%) 4th of 4
  • Don Cook – (TX-22) -4,050 votes (1.6%) 4th of 4
  • Ed Scharf – (TX-23) -2,099 votes (1.1%) 4th of 4
  • Michael Cary – (TX-28) -1,403 votes (0.8%) 4th of 4
  • Maria Selva – (TX-29) -4,550 votes (4.8%) 3rd of 3 (note – no republican in this race)
  • Ed Lindsay – (TX-33) -2,006 votes (1.7%) 3rd of 3
  • Meghan Owen – (TX-35) -2,528 votes (1.5%) 4th of 4


  1. Bill Boyd says:

    Please amend to include G. Gail Parker (Green Party) who garnered 9981 or 2.9% of ballots cast in the race for VA’s 1st Congressional House Representative. A monumental effort that bodes well for the party of our futures.


  2. i can’t believe this. i win a fifth term as a Green Party county commissioner in Colorado — i’m the state co-chair, and i don’t even appear in these election results? i ran a partisan race, and so am one of the few partisan-elected greens in the country, and somehow my race gets lost????

    • Ronald Hardy says:

      Art – I am about to post a short story about your win. This particular post, titled “Congressional Candidates”, is only reporting the vote results for Congressional candidates. I still mean to post the results of state legislative candidates and local candidates but I haven’t had time. I apologize, lately GPW is a one-person operation and I wish I had a team of writers that were covering every race but I don’t.

      Congratulations on your win! I did read last week that it was expected to be a close race. I am glad you won re-election.


      • thanks, ron. no aspersions meant on the many one-person operations that are the elements of the american green party. thank you so much for the work you do with GPW. it’s just that i have a structural issue with putting so much energy on losing national and state campaigns and so little effort or energy on winning grassroots races. i’ve tried for years to get american greens to “build the party from the bottom up” — and the fact that i win through good governance, not through campaigning only, seems lost on the national party. blessings…

    • Ronald Hardy says:

      …and posted!

  3. Alejandro Castillo says:



    I’m having a difficult time trying to find out what percentage of the vote that Jill Stein received ths past election day. Can anyone help me ?

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