Jill Stein Election Results

While official tallies won’t be certified for weeks, next-day tabulations at Google Election indicate that Jill Stein & Cheri Honkala finished fourth in the Nation with 396,684 votes, or 0.3% of the national total. This is more than twice the total of votes that the Green Party’s Cynthia McKinney and Rosa Clemente won in 2008 (161,195), and three times the total of votes that the Green Party’s David Cobb and Pat LaMarche won in 2004 (119,859).

Ballot Access News notes that the Green Party’s best showing was in Maine, where Stein won 1.3% of the vote.

State by state returns:

  • Alabama – 3,366 (0.2%)
  • Alaska – 2,089 (1.0%)
  • Arizona – 5,084 (0.3%)
  • Arkansas – 9,196 (0.9%)
  • California – 57,748 (0.6%)
  • Colorado – 6,850 (0.3%)
  • Delaware – 1,939 (0.5%)
  • District of Columbia – 2,045 (0.8%)
  • Florida – 8,708 (0.1%)
  • Hawaii – 3,121 (0.7%)
  • Idaho – 4,330 (0.7%)
  • Illinois – 29,298 (0.6%)
  • Iowa – 3,739 (0.2%)
  • Kentucky – 6,420 (0.4%)
  • Louisiana – 6,873 (0.4%)
  • Maine – 7,975 (1.3%)
  • Maryland – 15,289 (0.6%)
  • Massachusetts – 19,486 (0.6%)
  • Michigan – 20,855 (0.5%)
  • Minnesota – 12,951 (0.4%)
  • Mississippi – 1,516 (0.1%)
  • New Jersey – 8,891 (0.3%)
  • New Mexico – 2,634 (0.3%)
  • New York – 35,346 (0.6%)
  • North Dakota – 1,357 (0.4%)
  • Ohio – 17,657 (0.3%)
  • Oregon – 15,271 (1.0%)
  • Pennsylvania – 20,644 (0.4%)
  • Rhode Island – 2,261 (0.5%)
  • South Carolina – 5,133 (0.3%)
  • Tennessee – 6,443 (0.3%)
  • Texas – 24,450 (0.3%)
  • Utah – 3,378 (0.4%)
  • Virginia – 8,366 (0.2%)
  • Washington – 10,442 (0.5%)
  • West Virginia – 4,341 (0.7%)
  • Wisconsin – 7,572 (0.2%)


Here is Jill Stein’s Election Night Google Hangout:

Ronald Hardy


  1. Glad to see it is improving. I was a little disappointed it was under 1% in WA but we were on the ballot so I’m happy about that. When I was in NC I had to write in Cynthia McKinney.

    I had the thought that at least Libertarians and Greens, but other parties too. Should use some of the election funds to make joint commercials for allowing other parties in the debates.

    Imagine if Jill Stein, Gary Johnson, Virgil Goode and Rocky Anderson all started a commercial with, “I’m Jill Stein. I’m Gary Johnson. I’m Virgil Goode. And I’m Rocky Anderson. And WE approve this message.” I’m sure the order would be controversial but you could film and/or edit 4 different versions for each party to use so it is fairish. Or perhaps someone could choose to go last (hint, hint) because the message is more important than the order.

    The fact that parties and oppositional candidates work together for anything could make it a little more news worth.

      • I second that!

        Congratulations to ALL the Green Party candidates. I am 47 years old and this is the first time I felt proud after voting in a presidential election.

    • Instant runoff voting. Gives the Greens/Lib’s/whomever a greater voice whiel eliminating the spoiler factor. democratizes the market of ideas, exposes new people, and provides an avenue for legitimixzation in the mainstream. All 3rd party voters should be concerned with seeing IRV become a reality.

      Please google and read up on it!

    • this is the next logical step from the free and equal debates. A brilliant idea. The best thing these parties can do is coalesce as a union(!) against the major parties.

      Second, we have to eliminate the term “third-party.” the idea is not to be considered the third wheel in a date between two companions. That’s just rude. They have to be the minor parties fighting to join the major leagues, and prove (together) an expanded major league system is a truer, more honest, and thus better system. The point of minor parties is not just winning for themselves. Until they get major league exposure, this is silly. It’s about getting the exposure to show by self-evidence their platform is the best at the time. Work together to lift each other to 5% and then let the chips fall where they may.

    • It doesn’t show any votes for Georgia, but I live in Savannah and I did do a write-in vote for Jill Stein. I am very proud that I educated myself and voted for what I actually believe in, even if I am the only person in Georgia.

    • I haven’t voted once in my whole life because I never thought my vote would count for anything until now. I’m proud to have voted for you because you represent the answers to the issues we face today. I will certainly support you next time and every time until you’re elected. Thanks for running, it must be a daunting task.


  2. Congratulations on a hard fought and great campaign voicing the issues that really matter. It is my hope that the sacrifices you have made for the earth and its people will be appreciated by adoption of your policies. We really haven’t that much time to play around and you were really cognizant of that. I hope now others in power are. Importantly, some of the monied interests were defeated by popular vote over extortion and shenanigans. Best of everything in our continuing endeavor and thank you for your inspiration.

  3. Truly amazing how hard it was to get these results.

    It seems like the msm has a news blackout in place against the 3rd parties. I had to google to find this site.

    The proudest moment of my 40 years of voting was the ballot cast for Dr. Stein!

    • ITA. I, too, had to do a lot of Googling to find these results. And I was proud to vote green.

    • I’m a New Yorker that proudly cast my vote for Dr. Jill Stein.

      Did I “waste” my vote? I think not- next time, think and vote Green. It’s time for REAL change, not the business as usual that happens with the two mainstream politcal parties. Yes, I also had a tough time finding the election results for other candidates. Why should that be?

  4. It shouldn’t be as hard as it is to convince people to vote Green here in NY: it’s hardly a swing state. Oh well – you had my vote, and my mom’s as well!

  5. The media should be ashamed of their blackout of the “third parties”. I congratulate Dr. Stein and Ms. Honkala on their campaign and I hope that someday the US might become a democracy in spite of the Democrat and Republican parties.

    • The media? ashamed!? You kidder! Actually, they should be… not sure I should finish.

  6. After getting the Socialist Party and Justice Party kicked off the ballot in Illinois as possible rivals who would syphon off votes, the Greens managed to get 0.6% of the vote!??? In addition, they managed to get a lot of people pissed off at them who did not vote Green this time. I know I was one of them.
    Congratulations Greens. Keep up the great work.

  7. I was on line for 1 hr 45 min in order to vote for Dr. Stein. As Louis Brandeis wrote, “We may have democracy in this country, or we may have wealth concentrated in the hands of a few, but we cannot have both.” Unfortunately, we have the latter. Until all candidates are treated equally, we will not get there. Why should more than a quarter million votes not qualify the Green Party for inclusion in the next election. Congratulations Dr. Stein on your fine showing (396,684 votes) despite the insurmountable hindrances.

  8. As I handed over my ballot to the ROV at Orange County, CA, I felt a rush of exhilaration. I had no idea of how well the campaign has done until I heard from my brother and his family that they have all registered Green for this election! The Green Party is growing every day with the solid and sensible platform of the New Green Deal that people can relate to. Kudos to the candidates for a dynamic campaign. Let’s keep it nourished and growing with the dedication to a Green ethic we all cherish.

  9. My work is blue collar. Sad to say that all of my fellow workers have drank the Kool-Aid. How few are aware of the guilt driven campaign to support our military? How few are aware that the talent on Wall Street is expertise in an elaborate shell game? Why weren’t the bail-out funds distributed to the financially responsible,if at all? My compass is mutual respect; this basic morality has suffered most under our current system.

  10. Jill did fantastic…however,we must start as of this day after to educate ordinary Americans that there is a party that does exist for them.This is action that must be on going week after week in every state.This must be on the level of a permanent Presidential Campaign folks.

    We just can’t sit back and wait until election time to present our vision,we must start at this very moment.
    This we must do,the Corpoarte media is there to serve the Dem & GOP not the Green Party and so
    let’s start now.

    • I did not know there was a green party until i took a who do you side with quiz and had 89 percent in common. Then i did the research. I,am 22 and new to politics, sadly i only knew of republicans and democrats. My generation needs to learn more

  11. My husband and I had to write in our votes for her in Georgia. I don’t see Georgia in the list above so I was wondering if votes in Georgia were counted.

    • The individual states have not reported write in totals yet, so we don’t have access to those numbers.

  12. The challenge for the future? Convincing people they really DO have a choice apart from the same-old, same-old of the two party system. This election is making the ground more fertile. I believe the time is not far off for a 3d party candidate be it Green Party or another Party that they’ll be a huge contender for the Oval Office. It’s just a question of educating people and breaking habits.

  13. thank you Jill and Greens for the chance to vote for you. i was proud to. it meant a lot to be able to vote my values.

  14. Congrats! I voted Green for the first time as I am finally fed up with both parties being owned by big business. There is no legitimate choice without viable third parties. Here’s to exponentially better showings each time!

  15. I am suffercating in North Dakota in the toxic environment of fossil fuels. Voting for Jill was like taking breath of fresh air.

  16. The big news (to me anyway) here in Texas is that the Green Party has qualified for the state ballot for next 4 year election cycle for the second time in a row so that effort can be put into recruiting candidates and actual campaigning as opposed to expending effort just to get on the ballot. Also, the GP was able to field their most extensive list of candidates ever. It is painfully slow down here but the party is growing. Just hope the planet doesn’t fry before we can elect people in this country that actually give a shit about the planet. At the moment there appears to be slightly less than 25,000 of us that get. With any luck that number will grow exponentially in the next four years.


  17. In doing some comparisons, I noticed that all of the individual state numbers add up to 6,380 more votes than are cited in the total number of green votes in the opening paragraph. That is, the total number of votes for Greens add up to 403,064, and not 396,684. What might the reason for this be?

    • These numbers are largely from google elections data or politico election returns, pulled 12 hours after the election. It is possible that results have changed. At any rate it was noted in the post above that these are preliminary numbers, official tallies won’t be certified by the various states for weeks.

      Also, write ins have not been tabulated nor reported by the various states either.

  18. There really needs to be a four year effort leading up to the presidential elections and that effort needs to center around five areas: civil liberties, trade (it’s time for the “free” trade nonsense to stop, period – no ideas about fiddling around the edges), sustainable energy, Medicare for All and making sure Social Security is reformed so that the program reverts to what it was intended to be (think pre-Reagan). With campaigning basically restricted to a couple of months leading up to the election, the impact of the Green’s message was severely impacted.

    Third parties need to focus on liberties, economic justice and environmental action in order for the movement to grow. Let other advocacy groups focus on other issues. Taking on “free” trade would be a big winner. With 20+% real unemployment and most new jobs only requiring a 6th grade education, this issue will have a strong appeal and cross ideological ground. There are an awful lot of low-informed (or brainwashed) middle-class parents who are finding out or have found out that there are no jobs waiting for their precious sons and daughters after they’ve footed big college bills. They didn’t pay attention when the manufacturing plants were closing because, after all, the people who lost their jobs weren’t of their kind. When it happens to them or to “Precious”, it’s a different story. It’s time to put the lie to the propaganda that moving away from “free” trade means no healthy trade and to paint a picture so clear that everyone can see that the trade agreements have only benefited those at the top.

    I’ve noticed a big growth in the formation of advocacy groups with each one vying for the same territory. If there is going to be success in righting the course of this country, there must be consolidation of the groups and/or their efforts. Donor money and effort is being scattered to the point where there little to show for all of the work. If there is not outright consolidation of groups, then there should be an umbrella organization formed that any advocacy group that supports liberal action on the five issues can join. No group that has shown itself to a front ideologically or in truth for either of the major parties should be allowed (no supposed liberal or progressive group who pushes support for a Democratic conservative politician).

  19. As a resident of North Carolina, I was unable to vote for Jill Stein.
    What can I do to help the Green Party be on the ballot here?

  20. Well done Jill and Cheri in doubling your vote at a time when you have two very rich parties dominating the scene. I writing from Stroud in Gloucestershire, England. Our Town Council has 13 Greens out of 18 on the Council (population 13 thousand). I have been Town Mayor 10 times over the last 20 years – I am also a District Councillor where there are five of us.
    Just remember we have a Green Party in virtually every country in the world, especially in Europe. You are not alone, your struggle is our struggle on issues such as climate change, population increase and fighting inequality.
    Jill as you probably know we have one MP, Caroline Lucas, in the British Parliament and she has been arrested on a number of occasions, fighting against Nuclear Weapons and the increase in the Nuclear Power plants here.
    Last week I met a middle-aged couple who came to visit their son in our town, from Maine and they were very progressive thinkers, against war in Afghanistan, I hope they voted for you!?
    Thank you so much for standing.

  21. Notice that these early returns do not contain votes results from the seven states where Stein was an “official” write-in option, nor six states where she voters could write her in, but they will not be officially tallied. I expect that many of the numbers here will be revised upward as many precincts only report the top two in their election night reports.

    • Unfortunately, write-in votes are not generally counted or not completely or carefully. My state (Iowa) is the only one I know where they do count them, and we have to count every last one of them (even “Apple Jack for Sheriff”). Elsewhere, even in states that require official write-in paperwork, it’s a crap=shoot as to whether write-ins will be completely counted. Definitely not fair….!

  22. I was so pleased to have the opportunity to vote green here in California! Excellent campaign — and great results! Hopefully in 4 years we’ll get a seat at the debates!

  23. You can not wait until 2016 to run for office. You HAVE to start Today or the result will be exactly the same. The Libertarian Party has never figured this out. Do not make the same mistake.
    If I start getting political mailing from Anyone I will know it is because of You and will never vote for you again.

  24. I am proud to see that Alaska tied for second in percentage of Green Party votes, even though Alaskans tend to be very conservative. While I think Obama is better than Romney, his foreign policy and cop out on universal health care are unsupportable. While I refuse to tell anyone how I voted, I will say that when I opened up my favorite news site and found Obama had authorized more drone strikes right after getting elected, I didn’t have to hang my head (well I did because it is still my country and we all bear the guilt of these choices, but you know what I’m saying).

  25. I am rather peeved. I checked my county’s election results, and apparently my votes for Stein didn’t get counted. In fact, my county lists that there were 0 votes for any write-in candidate.

  26. The Democratic party has been using the lesser-of-two-evils strategy to get progressive votes for so long that they’re basically little better than ‘slightly saner wing of the GOP’. For those of us who live in infrared states like Texas, it is good to remind your fellow state citizens that their votes can’t conceivably contribute to the election of a Republican (for now anyway) because it is clear that if a Republican can’t carry Texas, he is sure to lose in a landslide. So, if you’ve been voting Democratic because you don’t want to contribute to the election of a Republican, STOP if you live in a solidly red state. People can mull this over and reasonably disagree about what you should do if you live in Florida or Ohio or Iowa, but if you read the positions of Jill Stein (as I did) and compare them to the actions (if not the rhetoric) of Barack Obama, the choice as a resident of Texas was a no-brainer: Jill Stein for president.

  27. Failed strategy. Failed campaign. Elect someone with name recognition next time, please.

    -CA registered Green Party voter who did NOT vote for Stein.

  28. thanks so much for all the hard, dedicated work to produce all those votes ( whatever the total turns out to be) but we must face the fact that it is a pitifully small total compared to what is actually out there if we can only reach more people and then bring out more voters …

    i think the public funding possibility must be highlighted far more than at present, when almost every person i mentioned it to said…huh? what?…many people will see a value to votes if they think those votes can produce finances to make the party – possibly – something far more than an alternative for a minority but for a potential majority…

    thanks again for all the work by our candidates and the small – peaceful – army behind them, but we must vastly enlarge our voters if not our membership by an order of magnitude far beyond doubling or tripling recent votes…money isn’t everything but , at this point in american political history, it’s way ahead of whatever is in second place…

    start repeating to one and all :a mere 5% vote can get the party millions of dollars with which to get far more than a mere 5% vote in future.

  29. it seems like the roots of the Green Party were to be a network of local third parties, ltps, who’d tend their own watershed.
    It seems like trying to win the presidency has subverted that vision.

    I hope there isn’t a Green Party candidate in 2016 but that GPIndependents vote strategically for electoral reform that will encourage them to be able to move our political ssytem from the bottom-up, not the top-down.


  30. I wrote in Jill and Sheri’s name on my North Carolina ballot, but evidently they don’t count write-ins, even though there is a line for write-ins. I feel robbed that NC doesn’t count votes unless they are for D, R, or Libertarian.

  31. I am a Connecticut resident who voted for Jill Stein as a write in because she wasn’t on the ballot here! Connecticut doesn’t appear on this list of states, most likely because people had to write her in!

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