Canadian Green accuses New Democratic Party of sleezy tactics

“How about we pay you to sit this one out?” seems to be the message the New Democratic Party sent to BC Green Party candidate Andrew Weaver. Sharing sentiments similar to those which drive many former Republicans and Democrats to join the US Green Party, Weaver is quoted at the Vancouver Sun website saying

The NDP are portraying themselves as sugar-coated candy, but I’m finding that below the surface there’s some real ugliness. Anybody who knows anything about me knows that’s one of the reasons I am running: I’m sick and tired of this kind of stuff, of this underhanded political gamesmanship,

Weaver is an internationally known climate scientist. He is the Lansdowne Professor and Canada Research Chair in climate modelling and analysis in the School of Earth and Ocean Sciences, University of Victoria.

At least one representative of the New Democratic Party is crying foul.

At the beginning of the conversation with him I also said that I was only phoning in a private capacity and no one else knew about it. So I couldn’t have made that kind of statement. – Michael Byers

So, what does Weaver say was offered as a goody for not running for office? How about a Deputy Minister’s post in a provincial government led by the NDP? Weaver says that’s what was offered by Byers. Byers is quoted saying the accusation is a

flat-out lie.

Could this have been random talk by Byers? Weaver doesn’t seem to think so. Speaking of Byers, he said

He’s very engaged in the very highest levels of NDP, both provincially and federally. So I won’t accept that he would have done that by himself.

Weaver is running for a seat in the provincial parliament representing the Oak Bay-Gordon Head riding, or district in US parlance. A Nobel Prize winner for his work with the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, is quoted at The Province saying that he was approached by Byers on behalf of the NDP back in September, shortly after announcing his run. Weaver has said that he would have kept the discussion between himself and Byers, but when members of the NDP began to go after his climate positions via Twitter, he had to respond.

A report by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation says that Weaver doesn’t consider this offer of a post as Deputy Minister an attempted bribe, but an “incentive” to drop out of the running. The seat Weaver is running for is currently held by the Liberal Party.

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  1. This proves once again that the Greenwash Party is every bit as corrupt and dishonest as the Liberal Party it is hoping to succeed. Byers is not even close to an “insider” or “very highest levels of NDP, both provincially and federally,” but in fact has been on the peripheral end of electoral politics for years. TO claim different is to lie, and it’s Weaver who doing the lying–and no one else.

    Add to this fact he claims to be a flagship for ecological values while being a backward-thinking medieval-minded puppet for privatized energy, bloated damaging “run-of-river” private power scams and giving more regulatory power to corporations and private industry lobbies.

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