Maryland Greens mourn passing of Bob Auerbach

The Maryland Green Party has posted a remembrance of Bob Auerbach. A long time Green who ran for office in Maryland’s 5th Congressional District several times, Auerbach was struck by a car as he walked in Greenbelt, MD. 92 years old, he died overnight. The full text of the Maryland Green’s recollection of Auerrbach is below the fold.
The Maryland Green Party offers condolences on the passing of Robert Shipley “Bob” Auerbach, a lifetime advocate for progressive causes. Bob was the first chairman of the Maryland Green Party and was the Green Party’s nominee for United States House of Representatives for Maryland’s 5th District several times, most recently in 2012. Bob was 92 years old. He was struck by a vehicle while walking in Greenbelt Wednesday and died overnight.

Bob was born in New York City in 1919 and had been active in civil rights, anti-war and environmental activism since the 1930s. He had worked as a librarian and lived in Greenbelt, in Prince George’s County, for the past fifty years.

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  1. Remember Bob well when I lived in Maryland until 2010. Bob was and will always be an inspiration – knew him through Takoma Park Friends beflre I was enlightened by the Green Party vision and truth / reality. Bob will inspire me as I work for the Green Party in my new home in New Hampshire….Thank you Greens in Maryland for letting me remember Bob and also for inspiring me.

  2. Bob found FairVote (then Citizens for Proportional Representation) soon after we started in 1992. He had his eye on the ball as to the structural changes that would help create a multi-party democracy, although he always emphasized that the key to the reform that it would elect better candidates of all parties.

    He was such a dedicated man. He will be missed.

  3. This is very tragic news on a day that a horrible tradgedy happened in Connecticut. In addition to Bob’s work with the Maryland Green Party he was a life long socialist and I had the pleasure of meeting him at several conventions of the Socialist Party, USA over the years. Condolences to his daughter Hopi and the rest of his family.

  4. I first met Bob 30 years ago when he was running the D.C. chapter of the Socialist Party. He once said the only time he voted for the major parties was in 1964 when he voted for LBJ because he thought he would be a good major of the District.

    Rest in peace, Bob.

  5. Bob Auerbach was a Green Party saint. You just could not meet a kinder, more gentle, more decent soul, than Bob Auerbach. What a wonderful and fine person was the Green Party’s Bob Auerbach. Guess I meet Bob Auerbach at a Green Party meeting 20 or so years ago. Bob and I enjoyed talking about Petra Kelly, Green Party founder. Bob, and I shared a great admiration for the Green Party’s Petra Kelly. And the positive political, social, and economic benefits of nonviolent politics, or as one author described nonviolence, “A Force More Powerful”.

    Bob Auerbach carried Petra Kelly’s message, and the Green Party torch for peace, and nonviolence with dedication, discipline, and endurance. It was such a joy to see Bob Auerbach’s name on the ballot again in 2012 as a Green Party candidate for congress. More than that. Bob Auerbach was a Green Party inspiration. Having known both Petra Kelly and Bob Auerbach it is easy to say. They were such noble advocates for nonviolence. Bob Auerbach did brave, and noble work, and with great intelligence, kindness, and gentle encouragement. Bob Auerbach set an example for all in the Green Party to follow. To strive. To continue. To never give up. The Green Party – our Green Party – owes Bob Auerbach thanks. Thank you Bob.

    I am more than sad at the passing of the Green Party’s Bob Auerbach. I am honored to have known, and worked on Green Party campaigns with Bob Auerbach, truly a man of peace, and nonviolence. Bob Auerbach. Brave. Fine. Good….And, of course, Green.

    I can see Bob smiling at that.

  6. Among all of the people in the many organizations I have been involved in for progressive social and environmental causes, Bob was among the most dedicated. And this was from knowing him only in his later years – I can only imagine how much more he did in his prime! We have benefited from his efforts and his life, and it is up to all of us to carry it forward.

  7. I was very shocked to learn of Bob’s death today, as he was truly one of the kindest souls I ever had the honor to have met. I originally met him about 15 years ago at events organized by the Vegetarian Society of D.C. and some animal rights protests. I carpooled with him a few times to/from the Vegetarian Summerfest in Johnstown, PA. He was a courageous activist for all progressive causes and stood his ground, never relenting to conventional paradigms and diligently studying political issues to know their technicalities backward and forward. His commitment to Green Party values was unmistakeable and his death was a tragic loss to all of us who sincerely care about equal justice for all, regardless of race, class, gender, religion or species. I suspect he died a very health vegan just one day shy of his 93rd birthday. His intellectual honesty and sincerity inspired me to be true to myself and not surrender to mainstream condemnation that would try to diminish my values. The Green Party could not find a better advocate for its causes than Bob Auerbach and he will be truly missed by all those he touched.

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