LeAlan Jones running for Congress in IL-2 special election

LeAlan Jones, the Illinois Green Party’s 2010 US Senate candidate, has announced his candidacy for the special election to fill the IL-2 congressional seat vacated by outgoing Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr.  From his Wikipedia profile:

LeAlan Marvin Jones is an American journalist who lives in Chicago’s South Shore. His radio documentaries have received critical acclaim and numerous awards. Jones was the Green Party’s 2010 nominee for United States Senate from Illinois.

Check out his campaign website at LealanForCongress.org.

Dave Schwab


  1. I went to check out LeAlan’s website after being encouraged to donate to his campaign, and although he seems like a phenomenal person, the web site gave me no real sense of what his stance on any issues were. This is a pattern with third parties, I feel. The websites for Green candidates always seem unpolished and amateurish. I realize it seems shallow, but with social media and online information these days, it is really, really important to have a strong web presence. Otherwise even people, like myself, who respect grassroots movement will be put off and discouraged by a candidate who doesn’t appear able to compete with big money… Maybe it would be worthwhile to seek out web designers who support the Green Party and might donate their services at a lower cost, or even pro-bono?

    • I agree. The website does not reveal much, and the less-than-professional content that is there would dissuade me from considering supporting Mr Jones were I in the distr

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