Norway’s Green Party elects first member of parliament

p rasmus hanssonFrom NewsInEnglish.no:

For the first time, Norway has a purely “green” party in Parliament after Miljøpartiet De Grønne (MDG) secured enough votes to win one seat in the new Storting that convenes next month. It will be held by Rasmus Hansson of Oslo, a former head of the Norwegian chapter of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and a biologist who’s been a lifelong environmentalist.

“We have been working for this breakthrough for a long time,” the party’s national spokeswoman and top candidate from Rogaland on the West Coast, Hanna Marcussen, told news bureau NTB . Now she’s even more driven towards sparking a “green revolution” and planting its ideas on the national agenda.

“We already have managed the most important thing, establishing ourselves as a force in Norwegian politics,” Marcussen said. Both she and Hansson claim the party won’t ally itself with either the left or right blocs in parliament, but rather move with the issues. The party has harshly criticized the other parties parliament for constantly letting Norway’s oil-fueled economy take priority over the environmental policies they believe are necessary to stem climate change. Now they can at least offer a swing vote on various issues, for a price.

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