NY Greens make final drive in Syracuse, Queens

From the New York Green Party:

SYRACUSE: Funds Needed For Get Out The Vote Drive
This week, Howie Hawkins found out that the Working Families Party brought out-of-town canvassers into Syracuse to support his opponent in the last days of the campaign for the Common Council’s 4th District. They did that in 2011 and Howie lost by 96 votes.
Why the Working Families Party is more concerned with defeating a Green than helping their endorsed Democrats beat Republicans is one question. Why they support THIS Democrat — a champion of tax breaks for developers whose campaign is funded by developers, who preaches the conservative message of fiscal self-sufficiency for Syracuse on a property tax base that is 56% exempt in a city with a 38% poverty rate — is another question.

The question for progressives is, can we beat the conservative class agenda of the Democratic Machine with an independent, progressive alternative?

Team Hawkins has raised a third of the $2500 needed to put our own canvassers on the street to Get Out the Vote in these last days of the campaign. Can you make (perhaps another) contribution to Howie, today? Can you forward this appeal to other progressive activists in your network?

We are in a position to win in Syracuse. These last days of the campaign are the most important as voters are considering who they will vote for. Greens know from door knocking that many voters are still making up their minds.

Please make a contribution, recruit friends to donate and volunteer a few hours or a few days in this final week — we welcome out of town Greens to come in for a day or for the weekend. Syracuse Greens are counting on your support.

QUEENS: Volunteers Needed Now. Help Out From Home!

Lynne Serpe, City Council Candidate for District 22 in Astoria, Queens, is also on the verge of making history, by becoming the first person elected to the New York City Council from outside the two ‘major’ parties since the 1940s!

Email volunteer@serpeforcouncil.org if you can help out, or have questions about helping, in any of the below.

Make phone calls to voters from home: The Serpe team will give you all of the information you need. They need to reach 10,000 people, so every hour you can spend making calls is a big help.

Also, there will be a big literature push this weekend. Your fellow Greens will be handing out fliers at busy intersections, and going door-to-door to talk to voters:

SATURDAY 11/2, and Sunday 11/3: Join us for one or two shifts (11am-1pm and/or2pm-4pm) for flyering and canvassing, or help with phone calls in the campaign office!

We also need help on

TUESDAY, Election Day 11/5, all day: Help hand out literature at poll sites or make last-minute phone calls from the office. Even if you live far outside of Astoria, Queens, make a day of it and spend it with us! You can take breaks in the office between shifts.

We will tell you all you need to know about working Election Day at our Poll Watcher Trainings:

SATURDAY: Poll Watcher Training at 6:30pm, or SUNDAY at 4:30pm at the campaign office, 25-11 Astoria Boulevard. Snacks and beverages provided! We need to give out locations, certificates, literature, etc. Please email Mike at volunteer@serpeforcouncil.org to make other arrangements if you can’t make it Saturdayor Sunday.

Serpe and Hawkins have run fantastic campaigns, turning out big vote numbers in the past. Will you help them reach the tipping point, this year, and get the big win on Election Day? Greens are counting on you.

Dave Schwab


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