Jill Stein on Grit TV: A party for the people

From Grit TV with Laura Flanders:

It’s hard to imagine a better time to consider parties other than the Democratic and Republican. In the sixteen days that the federal government was shut down and thousands of employees were furloughed or asked to work without pay, Washington demonstrated its inability to put people first, but for the first time.

p jill stein grit tvHad enough of partisan deadlock? How about considering some other possibilities? GRITtv guest Jill Stein, two-time Green Party presidential candidate, and proponent of The Green New Deal talks in this interview about the party’s platform of people, peace and the planet while reminding us that progressives on the ground still have the reserves to make change:

“This is about recognizing power that we already have. How we bring that power together… converge those very powerful movements…make them unstoppable, is not by going for the fringe reforms here, but by really fixing the problem. We don’t have a choice. We really are up against a wall.” Says Stein. You can hear in her sentiments an echo of  that other Green Party presidential contender Ralph Nader, that power need not go unchecked.

Corporate media have indulged in a feast of Washington bashing these last few weeks, and there’s likely to be more as budget battles begin again but rarely have the most powerful media even raised the possibility that voters could have alternatives. Still, according to a recent Gallup poll, roughly one in four Americans view Republicans and Democrats unfavorably. With the newly established Green Shadow Cabinet that has brought together top scientists, cultural workers, labor leaders, veterans, physicians and more (including GRITtv guests Gar Alperovitz and Margaret Flowers) Stein says the Green Party is more relevant than ever.

Check out last week’s discussion with Trina Scordo of Communities United of New Jersey. The bold plan that has Scordo inspired about using eminent domain to seize troubled mortgages from recalcitrant bond holders comes from Richmond CA mayor Gayle McLaughlin, a Green.

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