Jill Stein to give keynote at environmental conference in Eugene, Oregon Sun. 3/2

p Jill SteinFrom Around The O:

Jill Stein, a physician and 2012 presidential candidate for the Green Party, will serve as one of the keynote speakers for the 2014 Public Interest Environmental Law Conference at the University of Oregon.

This year’s conference, “Running Into Running Out,” will run from Feb. 27 to March 2. Stein will speak on Sunday, March 2.

Stein, a pioneering environmental health advocate, has been on the front lines of battles for social, economic and environmental justice. She has fought to end foreclosures and student debt, and for health care and education as human rights. She has proposed an end to dangerous fossil fuel and nuclear power, and creating 25 million healthy, community-based green jobs instead.

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Dave Schwab

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  1. Greetings Jill Stein : I am James Chastain . The organizer of the 2013 S.L.E.E.P.S. Homeless protest fighting for people that have no place to go . You can learn more about what it is about and some of the history on the website . I am ready to vote for you in 2016 and I am spreading your name as the best choice for America and I do know that you really are the best choice . Your ideas are the same ideas I’ve had inside of me for many years and every time you speak it sound just like what I’ve been saying for a long time . I did not get to see you in Eugene but I do hope to meet to meet you some day when you get elected I would not mind if you had an opening somewhere since I am a hard fighting activist. .Please don’t forget me .

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