Howie Hawkins launches Green Party campaign for New York Governor

From Howie Hawkins for NY Governor:

The week of April 8, Howie is officially kicking of his campaign with events across New York State. Please join us and please spread the word to your friends and political allies! 

p howie hawkins supporters syracuseSyracuse – Tuesday April 8, 5:30 pm
New York City – Saturday, April 12, 7 pm
New York City – Sunday, April 13 Press Conference

Stand with Howie next week and show your support for a political vision that prioritizes the needs of people and planet and economic justice and fairness. Cuomo relies upon the 1% to fund his campaigns. Howie is relying on you to help build the movement we need for radical social change.

The Albany Times Union reported on Hawkins’ announcement Wednesday morning:

Green Party gubernatorial candidate Howie Hawkins has a message for members of the Working Families Party who are contemplating a genuine left-flank challenge to Gov. Andrew Cuomo: Think about endorsing him.

“I think they should run against Cuomo,” Hawkins said of the WFP during a Wednesday press conference. “I think they should nominate me.”

He noted this would require the Green Party changing its rules to allow cross-endorsement with a party that also cross-endorses major party candidates.

“We’re ready to talk” with the WFP, Hawkins said. “Unfortunately, I think their whole strategy is to be a lobby within the Democratic Party. … It’s going to be hard for some of their leaders to come out against Cuomo.”

In 2010, the Greens pulled almost 60,000 votes — enough to win a ballot position for four years — while the WFP followed its habit of cross-endorsing the Democratic candidate, drawing 155,000.

This year, “I think there’s a lot more discontent with Cuomo among certain constituencies,” Hawkins said. “Teachers feel disrespected; state workers feel under attack; parents are really upset about Common Core and this whole agenda.”

Without naming names, Hawkins scoffed at third parties that engage in “political ventriloquism — where we say, ‘Vote for the old parties on our line and we’ll send them a message.’ I think the message to the politicians is, ‘We can take (those voters) for granted: They’re going to vote for us anyway.’”

As in 2010, Hawkins’ platform is a sweeping progressive and environmental wish list ranging from a modern Works Project Administration-style job corps and single-payer health care to tuition-free higher education and a shift to 100 percent clean energy by 2030. Hawkins also wants to see a “Clean Money” system for public financing of elections that goes a step beyond the plan pushed by Cuomo and other Democrats by making non-matched private donations off-limits to candidates.

“The bottom two-thirds of us really have a hard time making ends meet, and our political representatives — representing the 1 percent, the big banks and the corporations — have utterly failed to solve these problems,” Hawkins said.

Read the full article and watch a video of Howie Hawkins’ announcement at the Albany Times Union.

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