Ohio Green Party nominates Latina activist Anita Rios for Governor

Anita RiosFrom Rios For Governor:

TOLEDO, OH – On Tuesday night, Latina activist Anita Rios achieved enough votes in the Green Party primary to receive that party’s nomination for Governor. With Charlie Earl of the Libertarian Party off the ballot, Rios stands to be the only third-party candidate for Governor on the ballot in November. President of the Ohio National Organization for Women, Rios says she is running because “the insights of ordinary people are absent in politics.”

She is joined on the ticket by candidate for Lieutenant Governor, Columbus-area professor and lawyer Bob Fitrakis. Fitrakis acted as her attorney in 2004 when she filed suit against then-Secretary of State Ken Blackwell to demand a state-wide recount following the Presidential election.

“Neither major party has done enough to defend women, workers, and the natural resources that we depend on. It’s time to stand up and declare that an economy which generates low-wage part-time jobs over living-wage jobs is not acceptable.”

Her platform includes significantly lowering tuition costs at state-funded colleges and universities, establishing a state-chartered bank, and calling for a moratorium on hydraulic fracturing. Rios also says she would advocate for the full legalization of cannabis and industrial hemp as a way of reducing law enforcement costs while expanding the economy.

Contact: Sean Nestor, Campaign Manager, 419-376-9746, riosforgovernor@gmail.com

Dave Schwab

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  1. Bravo Anita Rios…congrats on achieving a spot on the Ohio Ballot for November, 2014.
    The Repubi-Crats have failed miserably on advancing Ohio to it’s rightful place.

    observer Jules in Northwood

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