Will Bernie Sanders go Green in 2016?

Bernie SandersIn an article for the Nation entitled “Democrat? Green? Independent? The ‘Run Bernie Run” Jockeying” John Nichols raises the question of whether Bernie Sanders, the independent US Senator from Vermont, might seek the Green Party’s presidential nomination in 2016:

Would he consider running as a Green, embracing a party that has secured and maintained ballot lines in states across the country and that has had significant success electing local officials in a number of regions?… individual Green Party activists are arguing that Sanders, who has long been outspoken on a range of economic and social justice, peace and sustainability issues that animate the party, should seek a Green endorsement and a place on the party’s November ballot lines. A change.org petition declares: “Senator Bernie Sanders must run for president as a Green Party candidate if he wishes to remedy any of the grave problems that he speaks about.”

Read the full article at the Nation.

Dave Schwab

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