RI Greens seek 5-state alliance to stop Algonquin Pipeline expansion

p Algonquin-gas-pipelineFrom Green Party US:

The Green Party of Rhode Island is seeking to create a five-state alliance of Green parties (MA-RI-CT-NY-NJ) to STOP the proposed Algonquin Pipeline expansion. This $971 million project has moved into high gear, with a final application now on file at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. There’s been little public comment so far and the opposition, while growing, has been fragmented. Only the Green parties are positioned to quickly ramp up a coordinated, multi-state resistance.

In Rhode Island, the project would make “improvements” to the Burrillville Compressor Station, a rural facility which dramatically increases the transmission pressure of highly explosive gas, and is located adjacent to a fragile state forest, between two streams that feed reservoirs and the Blackstone River / Narragansett Bay watershed. All of this is to get more Marcellus Shale fracked gas from Pennsylvania and points West to Boston. Four even larger compressor upgrades are planned for Connecticut and New York. There is still time to stop this if the Green parties in the Northeast move quickly.

Green PartyFossilFreeRI, and 350.org activists oppose the project because of its implications for climate change. But many Northeast residents will also be concerned about environmental and human risk from explosions and fires, as well as air, water, and soil quality impacts—posing new threats at river, wetland, and street crossings, residential areas, bridges, and more. Representatives of the Green Party of Rhode Island will be meeting in the next few days with local climate activists, and it would be great to know that Greens in other states are on board.

Tony Affigne, State Committee Chair of the Green Party of Rhode Island states “I encourage you to consider whether your state Green party can join a coalition and if so, I hope you’ll contact me to begin planning an effective joint campaign. Either way, please get back to me ASAP.”

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