Truthout interviews Luis Rodriguez, Green for California Governor

p luis rodriguezTruthout has published an interview with Luis J. Rodriguez, the best-selling author, Chicano activist, and California Green Party candidate for Governor. California’s Top Two primary is on Tuesday, June 3rd. From the interview:

People with your kind of progressive and radical politics are normally very cynical about electoral politics. They see electoral politics as inherently corrupt and believe building and supporting social movements are more effective at achieving progressive change. You seem to recognize the system’s inherent corruption. So why run for governor at all? 

I intend to extend the conversation about what is democracy. When it takes millions of dollars to even “play” (if you’re not paying for ads and airtime, many media outlets won’t include you), this is not democracy. When only two corporate parties dominate, this is not democracy. When politicians make deals – and often tear up the social contract to serve the people – this is not democracy. I know why we have low voter turnouts: Voting has become meaningless.

Nonetheless, we cannot abandon the electoral process to the rich and powerful. A war is fought on many fronts – not just the newest proclaimed “cool” action. We need them all. Don’t give up one quarter of political or cultural space. 

I plan to engage the voter by talking about root issues, real solutions, placing the power in the hands of all Californians.

All this requires strategy, unity, engendering new leaders. A goal of this campaign is to create networks and schools for revolutionary change – to keep campaigning, but as a movement; to reinvigorate and broaden the Green Party, work with other progressive and growing third parties – I’m also active in the Justice Party – but also with progressive Democrats, independents, others.

Therefore, I’m unveiling the undemocratic nature of elections in California and at the same time working like hell to make the electoral process vital by running a transparent, grassroots and uncompromised race.

Read the full interview at Truthout.

Dave Schwab

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