Democrats Try to Kick Green Off Ballot in Wisconsin

mikelaforestCORRECTION (6/9/14 : 4:30 PM) – Libertarian Phillip Anderson is also on the ballot for the 47th Assembly District. Our information was incorrect. Apologies to Mr. Anderson.

Mike LaForest submitted 284 signatures to get on the ballot for the 47th Assembly District in Wisconsin. The district is in Dane County and includes portions of Madison, Fitchberg, Monona and other communities. The Democratic incumbent, Robb Kahl, has a history of voting for and supporting Republicans which may be why the Republicans aren’t running against him.

On Thursday, Joel Gratz, Executive Director of the Assembly Democratic Campaign Committee, challenged Mike LaForest’s nomination papers, ALL of them, requesting they be disqualified.  Why? First, he claims that the candidate registration lists LaForest as an “Independent” while his nomination papers indicate Green Party. He is apparently unaware that when third parties register, they HAVE to select Independent. Second, LaForest circulated all his own papers, which on the top candidate section clearly state that his legal address is Town of Blooming Grove and his mailing address is Madison, yet Mr. Gratz claims that the fact that LaForest’s circulator signature and address indicate Madison, which is his mailing address, all 284 are disqualified. Third, he claims that the top of the form for some of his sheets cut off half of the words that state “Nomination Paper for Partisan Office” – disqualifying those sheets, even though the sheets themselves clearly state that Mike LaForest is running for the 47th Assembly District on the Green Party ticket.  Gratzz goes on to challenge a dozen or more individual signatures claiming their residencies are out of district.

Aside from the fact that the challenge has no merit, one has to ask why the Democrats fear running in a two way race against a Green Party candidate so much so as to try to kick their opponent off the ballot on such frivolous charges? Could it be because this Dane County District knows they have a Republican running as a Democrat, and if enough of them know it, they just might vote Green?

The Government Accountability Board will be addressing all challenged ballot petitions on Tuesday, June 10th, and 9 a.m.

Mike LaForest addresses the issue here and here.





  1. I want to help out any way I can!! I would see LaForest elected!

    • So sorry, Phillip! I’ve reprimanded the fact-checker, should have verified this myself. Good luck! I hope both you and Mike finish ahead of the incumbent.

    • Phillip, Welcome to the campaign. I hope we can meet up between now and November to discuss the issues.

  2. The G.A.B. did in fact kick Mr. LaForest off the ballot, at the behest of the Democrats. There is no Republican running (it’s a fairly liberal Madison district), making the 47th District one of three head-to-head races with Libertarian candidates in Wisconsin this year. The others are Wendy Friedrich vs. an incumbent Republican Senator in the 5th District, and George Meyers vs. an incumbent Democratic Representative in the 66th District. There are probably a few other races where it’s an independent vs. a D or R, but no other third parties are running for State Legislature. The only other Green on the ballot is Ron Hardy for State Treasurer, unless I’m mistaken. I of course humbly encourage Greens to vote with us for the 11 Libertarian candidates we have on the ballot (excluding I suppose State Treas, reasonably enough. ;) ), and wish you guys the best of luck with your future ballot access.

    Andy Craig
    Libertarian for WI Secretary of State

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