Illinois Green Party hiring petitioners to finish ballot access drive

p omar lopez rosa clementeThe Illinois Green Party is collecting signatures through June 22nd to get their statewide candidates on the ballot, including Omar Lopez for US Senate and Scott Summers for Governor. From the Illinois Green Party:

The technical requirement to get our slate of candidate on the ballot is 25,000 signatures from registered voters, but because of the punitive and anti-democratic election laws in Illinois, we require a significant overage of signatures. Our goal is 40,000 signatures by Sunday, June 22nd. With everyone’s help, this is possible. Plus, if you need motivation, we can pay you.

The Illinois Green Party has been hiring paid petitioners to help us with our ballot drive. Two of our unpaid volunteers, Rita Maniotis and Sheldon Schafer, have collected over 2,000 signatures each. Scott Summers, our candidate for Governor, has personally collected over 1,000. Dozens of other volunteers have freely given up their evenings, weekends, and time away from their families to put the Green Party on the ballot in 2014.

In order to respect that level of effort from our volunteers, so that their efforts are not in vain, the Illinois Green Party allocated significant money to ensure we get on the ballot this year. We are currently hiring petitioners and paying them 50 cents/signature. We’ve allocated $10,000 for this purpose, and have only committed about $2,500 to paid petitioners so far. If we were to spend the remaining $7,500 at 50 cents/signature, we would have an additional 15,000 signatures, putting us at our 40,000 goal.

If YOU would like to work for the Green Party collecting signatures, anytime between Saturday, June 14th and Sunday, June 22nd, please contact David Sacks at dsacks83@gmail.com or text/call 773-557-9411. You must have been in contact with David Sacks in order to get paid for your signatures.

Please feel free to share this opportunity with anyone who is a good fit. Our preferred petitioner is:

-Outgoing, friendly, and polite.
-Punctual and dedicated.
-Capable of being on your feet for multiple hours.
-In agreement with the values of environmentalism, social justice, non-violence, and democracy.
-Must be 18 years old and a U.S. citizen (State of Illinois requirement for a petitioner – not ours).


It’s not enough to get the signatures. They also have to be notarized and turned in to the campaign. If you have signatures to turn in, please email David Sacks at dsacks83@gmail.com.


Dave Schwab

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