Green campaign for Pennsylvania Governor enters final week of petitioning

The Pennsylvania Green Party is in the home stretch of a campaign to gather 17,000 signatures to put Paul Glover for Governor and Wendy Lynne Lee for Lt. Governor on the ballot. Signatures must be submitted by July 25th.

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It would be quite an achievement to get a Green ticket on the top of the ballot in Pennsylvania, which has become notorious in recent years for its anti-democratic and punitive ballot access laws. The state of Pennsylvania is still attempting to collect a fine of over $80,000 from 2006 Green US Senate candidate Carl Romanelli after throwing Romanelli off the ballot, and the state was cited by the Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (set up by the Helsinki Accords for human rights) for its repression of political rights.

From the Glover for Governor campaign:

The Green Party is required to gather 17,000 signatures to get on the ballot, while Democrats and Republicans needed 2,000 signatures.We can mail you petitions and they can be downloaded (14″ legal size paper- 2 sided) from http://www.gpofpa.org/2014_petitionsTHANKS if you’ve offered to gather some signatures on our nominating petition. Call us to get petitions or to deliver them: 215 805-8330. Please return them by July 25th so we can prepare them to file in Harrisburg.

Campaign posters at http://www.pinterest.com/paul5glover/pins

Sponsor petitions for $20 a piece:

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  1. The petition deadline is August 1. If the Greens have set a July 25 date for turning in the signatures, that seems to be good news, because it seems to say they won’t need the last week.

    It is not true that “the state” is still trying to collect $80,000 from Carl Romanelli. The money is not owed to the state. The private villains who challenged his petition have not tried to collect the money, fortunately, as far as I know. Anyway, “the state” is not involved.

    • Thanks for the clarification, Richard. I guess it came out wrong, but my point was that PA law allows for charging would-be candidates legal fees for the service of throwing them off the ballot. It is my understanding from stories since 2006 that this looming penalty has caused significant stress for Romanelli, and the prospect of similar financial penalties has been cited by other prospective candidates as the reason for them to drop their candidacies.

  2. But the more important question is, will the 2014 drive succeed? Why is the party saying the signatures must be turned in by July 25 when the actual deadline is August 1? Maybe that’s to give time for all the petitions to be gathered together for the turnout. I wish this petition the very best of luck. With the 3rd circuit ruling last week that we have standing to challenge the court costs problem, I feel that a turn-in is definitely safer than it was in the past.

  3. July 25 is set for GPPA’s mail in deadline. People will continue collecting through the 30th when submission to the Department of State will begin. At this time, several thousand signatures are still needed. If you want to see Paul Glover on the ballot, download a petition and follow instructions http://www.gpofpa.org/2014_petitions

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