Greens to Obama: War is not the way

NancyWadeFrom the Green Party US:

Earlier this week, President Obama announced his plans to increase airstrikes and arm Syrian rebels in an attempt to control Iraq. The Green Party has called on the President to resist this next step and on Congress to revoke its ‘blank check’ for war. Green candidates for Congress added to the chorus of voices calling to resist this escalation.

Nancy Wade, Green candidate for U.S. House in Illinois’ 5th District: “Congress has abdicated its Constitutional responsibilities by handing the Executive branch virtually unlimited authority to wage war on the scale and in the fashion of its choosing. This has resulted in catastrophic and costly crimes against humanity such as we have seen in Iraq and Libya, and as we see continuing in an increasing number of countries…”

Ian Schlakman, Green candidate for U.S. House in Maryland’s 2nd District: “How many of our hundreds of American ‘advisors’ will have to be killed by ISIS’s rockets, roadside bombs, or suicide attacks before we send in thousands more ground troops to protect them? Unless we take a stand against it now, the cycle of American intervention and blowback will continue.

Unfortunately, Congress has proven its unwillingness to stand up for itself and for the American people since the George W. Bush administration.”

John Lawrence, Green candidate for U.S. House in Michigan’s 6th District: “War and conflict is not the future for any sustainable nation or society on this planet. The U.S. needs to allow regions the ability to sort out their own problems for themselves…We cannot use our military to force lasting governmental policies or demoracy on any sovereign nation.”

To see more of our great candidates speaking on many issues – global and local – click here.

Dave Schwab

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  1. Why are we fighting in Syria, Iraq and around the world when that money should be spent at home?

    Fascist war mongering and corporatism (Monsanto) is precisely why I left the Democrat party.
    We the people will find a party that represents us and that seems to be Green, NOT Democrat anymore.

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