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p howie hawkins jill stein brian jonesFrom Jill Stein and Green Party US:

We hope you will support one of the Green Party’s most exciting and important races in 2014 – Howie Hawkins for Governor of New York.www.howiehawkins.org

People and planet before profits. New York leads the country in income disparity and segregation of schools and housing by race and class. Howie’s campaign is focused on climate action, jobs, education reform, criminal justice reform, civil rights, and an end to corruption. It has been profiled as one of the cutting edge third party campaigns combining an ecological and economic justice agenda.

Four years ago Howie surpassed the 50,000 vote threshold needed for the Greens to regain official party status. Due to his 3rd place finish out of seven candidates and recent close losses for local office in Syracuse, the media is taking him and the Green Party far more seriously this time.

Howie has been polling at 7% and has generated hundreds of news stories in his efforts to oppose the economic austerity agenda of Andrew Cuomo. Three other polls have shown that an independent progressive challenger to Cuomo would receive between 22% and 24%, equal to the Republican and only 13 to 15 percentage points behind Cuomo.

If we can get the word out to New York voters that Howie is the only progressive on the general election ballot, we can establish the Green Party in New York as the third major party and the voice of progressives who are independent of the corporate oligarchy and its representatives in the Democratic and Republican parties.

That kind of result will help Greens across the country be taken seriously as the progressive alternative to corporate politics.

Howie has been organizing for the Green Party since he participated in its first national meeting in St. Paul, Minnesota in August 1984. For more than four decades he has been active on peace, social justice, labor and environmental issues. He was a co-founder of the Clamshell Alliance which stopped the Seabrook nuclear power plant. One of the challengers in the Democratic primary told the media that she was inspired to become politically active due to Howie’s anti-apartheid work at a nearby college.

We need your donations to expand our media presence and hire more staff right now. The Democratic primary on September 9 eliminated progressive challengers to conservative Cuomo. The Greens are the only progressive option on theNovember 4 ballot. We have already raised more money than we did in all of 2010 – but we have to double that if we are to get to 10% or more of the vote.

As someone who works a blue collar job for a living – a Teamster who loads freight at night for UPS – Howie’s call for a $15 an hour minimum wage, public jobs for the unemployed and progressive taxes has struck a chord with working New Yorkers and organized labor. He was the first Green invited to meet with and address several of the state’s key unions and has spoken to several local Central Labor Councils.

Newly elected Seattle City Council member Kshama Sawant spoke at a fundraiser for Howie at the Left Forum in NYC – and Ralph Nader is coming to the state to campaign for him.

Howie’s running mate – Brian Jones, a long time school teacher in NYC – has helped him with visibility on the education issue. Brian has appeared as a commentator on education issues in the New York Times and on MSNBC, Fox News, Democracy Now!, and other media. Several reform teacher and parent organizations have already endorsed the campaign.

Our strong statewide ticket also includes Ramon Jimenez, a Harvard-educated poor people’s lawyer, running for Attorney General, and former elected Albany School Board member, Theresa Portelli, running for State Comptroller.

Howie and the Green Party have been in the forefront on the movement in New York to ban the hydrofracking of natural gas in our state. Our call for such a ban 4 years ago has now become the rallying cry for grassroots organizing in our state.

Howie has continued to push the Green New Deal he ran on in 2010. We have studies that show that moving to a 100% clean renewable energy system by 2030 is not only feasible, but would create 4.5 million new jobs. The Greens in the northeast have joined in a coalition to oppose investment in new gas pipelines that will provide the infrastructure for fracking the Northeast. Howie continues to push for a state single payer health care system.

The Green Party in New York was one of the first to speak out against the New Jim Crow, calling for an end to the war on drugs and mass incarceration. Howie has spoken at major rallies in support of legalization of marijuana. NYC remains the marijuana arrest capital of the planet. 94% of New Yorkers imprisoned for drug offenses are Black and Latino.

New York remains one of the corruption capitals of the U.S. More than 30 state lawmakers and one governor have been forced to resign in the last 15 years for lawbreaking and ethical violations. Howie has been one of the few voices at the state level calling for a Clean Money Clean Election full public campaign finance reform system. He has pointed out that the partial public campaign finance system based on matching funds for small donations next to unlimited private donations is a “reform” that doesn’t reform and enables the 1% to still buy “publicly financed” elections. Howie is also campaigning for proportional representation in the legislature and instant runoff voting for executive offices.

Corruption was thrust to the front of the political debate when the NY Times exposed how Cuomo had interfered with the Moreland Commission he had set up to investigate corruption. Cuomo shut it down once they begin to look at his donors who were receiving favors in exchange for his $40 million plus in contributions.

The US Attorney decided to pick up the cases that Cuomo had quashed. A few weeks ago he publiclywarned the Governor to stop engaging in witness tampering in the investigation.

Howie is poised to get the largest vote ever for a progressive third party candidate in New York’s history. New York’s fusion laws allows many many ballot lines to be created by the same candidate, but the Greens are actually a third party. The media feels we have a good chance to move up to third among the six lines listed on the ballot. in the state. We would prefer second – or first. But we need your help.

Please donate today. And contact your friends in New York to urge them to support Howie and the Green Party!

Yours for a Green Future,

Jill Stein

P.S. You can donate online at https://howiehawkins.nationbuilder.com/donate

You can send checks made out to “Hawkins for Governor” to P.O. Box 562, Syracuse NY 13205.

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