Green trailblazer Keiko Bonk running for Hawaii State Representative

p keiko bonkKeiko Bonk, co-founder of the Hawaii Green Party and the first Green elected to partisan office in the United States (Hawaii County Council 1992), is running for Hawaii State House in District 20. Bonk ran a strong campaign for the same office in 2012, in a race that ended with the Hawaii Green Party suing the state for running out of ballots, distributing ballots with the wrong names, and other irregularities.

Keiko Bonk recently appeared with her Democratic and Republican opponents on PBS Hawaii. Watch the video here:

Dave Schwab


    • Per the story in Civil Beat/HuffPost that claimed Keiko would be the first ever Green in a legislature:

      As a long time resident of Hawai’i, I worked with Keiko getting the Green Party off the ground as a founding member, and am delighted she is running against Say, and wish her the best. As for your comment;

      “The First Green Elected to a State Legislature Anywhere Ever?”

      This is wrong, as we here in Maine where I now live have twice elected John Eder to the legislature.He narrowly lost on his 3rd try. A couple of other states also have had a Green elected to office, at least initially, but in at least in one case the person switched parties sometime afterward. As for other countries, they have Greens in parliament, and have run for or been part of cabinet level positions. In a few countries they have made credible runs for the presidency. Jon Olsen

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