NY Green calls on Dem opponent to drop out of NY-21 congressional race

p matt funicielloFrom Matt Funiciello for Congress:

Glens Falls – Citing the news that House Majority Democratic SuperPAC has pulled $300,000 worth of ad buys, Matt Funiciello renewed calls for Aaron Woolf to drop out of the race and endorse him. Funiciello said the ad pulls were a clear sign the Democratic Party had given up on NY-21 and Aaron Woolf. Funiciello argued that he is the only candidate capable of defeating Stefanik, and that Woolf’s poor poll numbers after spending nearly a million dollars on the race show Woolf stands no chance of winning, and that he should drop out and stop spoiling the race for Funiciello.

“Today the national Democratic Party openly signaled it no longer cares about the NY-21 race, but the truth is the Democratic Party gave up on this election when it selected a Manhattan multi-millionaire as its candidate for Congress. Aaron Woolf has run a campaign that has excited no one, spews out nothing but the standard corporate Democratic line, and offers little to the voters of NY-21, which is why he’s polling at 33% after months of spending. Meanwhile I’m at 10% after spending almost no money, and we have energized people around the district. I’m the only candidate not bought by corporate and special interest money, the only candidate actually from the district, and the only one to offer a platform that could attract Republicans, Democrats, independents, libertarians, and Greens to beat Elise Stefanik’s corporate-funded campaign. It’s time for Aaron Woolf to stop spoiling the election for the working people of this district, drop out, and endorse my campaign, which is the only principled thing he could do at this point,” said Funiciello.

“Aaron Woolf doesn’t hold a real position on any issue that matters to the working people of this district, but I do: single-payer universal health care for all, a 100% renewable and sustainable energy economy by 2030, banning the bomb trains, Keystone XL and fracking, green jobs, a $15 living wage, ending crony capitalism, support for sustainable agriculture and banning GMOs, ending our foreign wars over oil and helping soldiers transition to peacetime employment. Since neither Woolf nor Stefanik support any of these progressive, working class positions, it only makes sense for Aaron to step out of the way as he’s only muddying the waters with his candidacy,” concluded Funiciello.

Read a recent story about a Funiciello campaign stop in Saranac Lake, NY.

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