Green for Greens: Howie Hawkins for NY Governor

Green For Greens is about highlighting some of the most exciting Green candidates across the United States – and asking our readers to contribute what they can to help these candidates succeed. We are committed to building a party of peace, justice, democracy and ecology, free of corporate money and control, and the best way to do that is by supporting the courageous candidates who are spreading our message and building our party every day.

p hawkins for governor girlFrom Jill Stein:

Hold on to your hat! Howie’s polling is up 300%. NY is primed for a true progressive. And now Howie’s been invited to face off with Cuomo on live TV, in debates that will showcase the Green Party as the people’s voice that New Yorkers – and Americans everywhere – are looking for!

But to lift off, we need to get the word out, about Howie and the debates. And for that, we need your help. Now. No matter what state you live in.  

Howie’s been leading the charge for democracy, peace, economic and ecological justice for decades. Born and raised in economic hardship, he speaks with the experience and moral vision that’s of, by and for working people, despite his Ivy League scholarship education.

Cuomo, no doubt, is quaking in his shiny boots. This could be the breakthrough of our dreams, for New York, and for the Green Party all over the country.

So I am asking for your help. Today.

Please join me in making as big a contribution as you can, so we can hit the airwaves loud and strong, and let people know the party they’re looking for is here.

This is the moment we’ve been fighting for.

Let’s make good on the work of our lifetimes. Make sure this true Green voice – our voice – is heard now, when Americans are finally ready to ditch the politics of war, poverty and climate chaos.

History is waiting. We arrived here together. Let’s breakthrough together.

Thank you so much.


Jill Stein

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