UK Greens threaten legal action over exclusion from TV debates

p Natalie BennettFrom the Guardian:

The major TV broadcasters faced a deluge of criticism and threats of legal action on Monday when they proposed to include Ukip [UK Independence Party], but not the Green party, in the planned TV leader debates in the general election next year…


The Green party says it is inexplicable for Ukip to be given a platform when it is the Greens who have had an MP for four years, and polled at a higher level for many years. The broadcasters point to the consistent high poll rating of Ukip, as well as its showing in the European elections.

Natalie Bennett, the Green party leader, told the Guardian: “We are deadly serious about taking legal action over this, and seeing how we can raise the necessary funds. The public want a serious debate in which they hear the full range of views, including a party that stands up against Ukip on immigration.” She said her party had proposed two debates involving the five parties and one between Miliband and Cameron.

Read the full article at The Guardian.

Dave Schwab

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