Texas Green for US Senate files emergency complaint against Univision over debate lockout

p Emily SpicyBrown SanchezFrom KGNS TV:

Emily “Spicybrown” Sanchez, the Green Party’s candidate for U.S. Senate in Texas, filed an Emergency Complaint with the Federal Communication Commission’s Media Bureau seeking inclusion in a Univision Dallas debate scheduled to take place Friday, October 24, 2014.

The complaint argues that KUVN-DT violated the Equal Time Rule by including Democratic and Republican candidates and excluding the Green and Libertarian candidates in its debate.

“Not only did Univision exclude all of the female candidates in the race, it excluded the only Mexican-American candidate and the only candidate that actually speaks Spanish,” stated Emily “SpicyBrown” Sanchez.The debate is scheduled to take place in English live at Mountainview College in Dallas and then later dubbed in Spanish and broadcast on Univision stations throughout Texas at 10:00 p.m. on October 25, 2014.

“This isn’t an episode of Mad Men and it’s not the 1950s. Television stations shouldn’t be allowing male candidates to debate and forcing the female and Latina candidates stay home and watch on TV. Its discriminatory and its unacceptable,” continued Sanchez.

Discussing her credentials as a credible and serious candidate, the complaint cites Sanchez as being a “working class, Spanish-speaking
Mexican-American woman, single mother, physical therapist assistant,
Occupy Wall Street activist, and poet” with a “strong anti-war, anti-fracking, pro-single payer universal healthcare, and pro-immigrants’ rights” message.

“It is important that Texas voters make the choice about who to vote for instead of some network executives making that decision for them,”
stated Sanchez. “We are asking the FCC to enforce existing equal time
rules by requiring KUVN to allow us into the debate or to give us
equivalent time to communicate our message to the voters.”

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