Green for Greens: Lena Buggs for Minnesota State Representative

p lena buggsGreen For Greens is about highlighting some of the most exciting Green candidates across the United States – and asking our readers to contribute what they can to help these candidates succeed. We are committed to building a party of peace, justice, democracy and ecology, free of corporate money and control, and the best way to do that is by supporting the courageous candidates who are spreading our message and building our party every day.

Lena Buggs of St. Paul has gone from tireless community organizer to tireless campaigner. An advocate for empowering women of color in the political process, and an organizer for LGBT rights, housing justice, living wages, and voting rights, Lena Buggs is taking her engagement to the next level in a campaign for State Representative in District 65A (within St. Paul).

Along with Andy Dawkins for Attorney General, Skip Sandman for Congress, Kris Osbakken for State Representative 7A (Duluth), and Ira Jourdain for Minneapolis School Board, Lena Buggs’ campaign for State Representative in District 65A embodies the resurgent Minnesota Green Party‘s strategy of targeting resources to strategic campaigns.

Contribute today to help elect Lena Buggs as Minnesota’s first Green state representative!

Read on for Lena Bugg’s bio from her website:

I was born in South Minneapolis, but I’ve made Saint Paul my hometown for nearly six years. I live with my wife Nicki and our two children, Amy and Aubrey, in the Lexington-Hamline neighborhood of the 65th District.

I’ve served the community in multiple capacities as a member of the Small Business community, and as co-founder of African American Women In Politics, an organization created to empower American Women of color, in understanding the electoral process, political affiliations, and the voting process.

Last year as an organizer, I worked tirelessly to defeat restrictive Voter ID and Marriage Amendments. Co-organized with the Welfare Rights Committee ensuring Minnesota’s poor and working families were heard at the state legislature, and pushed state and local support for Living Wages, Housing, and a fair economy for all. Most recently, I organized with The 15 Now Campaign, along with the 4th Congressional District of the Green Party to coordinate labor efforts promoting a $15.00/hr. Living wage.

When free time permits, I can be found engaging the community in town hall events, seen out supporting local small businesses, or working on the next campaign to champion the rights of residents living in our district!

Dave Schwab

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  1. Lena is a great candidate, and a future leader for the Green Party. I’m proud she’s running to represent St. Paul in the Minnesota House, and excited that we have such an amazing person willing to step up and fight for what’s right.

    Lena and her volunteers have been campaigning tirelessly for the past year, knocking every door multiple times, and talking not just about her campaign but also about the key values of the Green Party and their increasing importance in today’s society. She’s also been a great advocate for the Green Party in allied organizations fighting together for living wages for everyone.

    You couldn’t ask for a better place to put some extra $$ into a Green candidate. Please take a minute to go to her website and make a donation (http://www.lenafor65a.com/contribute).

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