It’s On Like Donkey Kong

Today the South Carolina Election Commission wrote Green Party co-chair Sue Edward to tell her that House Speaker Bobby Harrell’s name will be on the November ballot, but voters will be informed that he is ineligible to serve. The message from the Commission does not make it clear what will happen if Harrell wins the most votes.


The State Election Commission has received notification from the Clerk of the House that Bobby Harrell has formally withdrawn as a candidate for State House of Representatives District 114. The election for House 114 will go forward on November 4. While Mr. Harrell’s name will appear on the ballot, he is no longer eligible to win the election. The county voter registration and elections offices will place prominent notices in all polling places to inform voters that Mr. Harrell is no longer a viable candidate for House 114.

Harrell had served for more than twenty years in the state legislature without a single challenge until he faced Green Party candidate Larry Carter Center in 2012. Despite years of allegations and rumors of corruption, Harrell never faced a competitor in the primary.

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  1. It’s a wide open race in district 114!

    The Democrat has mass mailings of 4 page glossy brochures. Must have cost a fortune! By using black and white printing I was able to get 400 quarter page Sue Edward flyers for 2 1/2 cents each! I spent the morning riding up and down Sam Rittenberg blvd. on my bicycle handing one to everyone I met. There sure are some nice folks in this district!

    Now if I was a Republican … well, then … I could just ring up the Koch brothers and they’d send down a suitcase full of cash and a van full of fresh-faced kids with fun t-shirts and clipboards and pencils behind their ears who would fan out in a huge wave and blanket the entire Gerrymander. But being Green, the closest I got to a suitcase full of cash was getting asked to leave the parking lot of a bank because they had a ‘no soliciting’ policy.

    Doin’ my best to TURN ONE-FOURTEEN GREEN!

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