How to help the Green Party win in 2014

green party earthflowerIf you’re reading Green Party Watch, chances are you want to see Greens do as well as possible in the 2014 elections. So, here is a short guide to what you can do to help the Green Party succeed in 2014, no matter where you are.

1. Find candidates to support

Look for candidates in your state on our 2014 candidates page. The best way to help is to find Green candidates in your state or community, and contact their campaigns to volunteer. However, because of discriminatory ballot access laws, some states don’t have any Greens on the ballot. Don’t let that discourage you – there are ways to help no matter where you are. For example, some campaigns, like Howie Hawkins for New York Governor, can use volunteers from out of state to make phone calls to supporters.

2. Volunteer

Every campaign needs volunteers, and one volunteer knocking doors, dropping literature, or making calls can make all the difference for a Green campaign. Most campaign websites have information about contacting the campaign to volunteer.

3. Contribute

Greens pledge to take no money from corporate interests, so every financial contribution from a grassroots supporter is much needed and much appreciated. Support candidates in your area, or if you are looking for guidance about strong Green campaigns to support around the country, check out our Green for Greens series highlighting exciting candidates who will put your money to good use.

4. Spread the word

Talk to friends and family about why you’re supporting the Green Party. National polls show that a majority of Americans want more parties, so you may be pleasantly surprised at how receptive people are. Write a letter to the editor of your local paper about a Green campaign you’re supporting – these can reach thousands of people. Email your networks, and use social media to share information from Green campaigns with your friends and groups that you’re a member of. (Please note: just clicking ‘like’ isn’t enough!)

5. Vote Green!

6. Stay involved

What the Green Party needs most in order to grow is committed people who get involved for the long term. Building a party for peace, justice, democracy and ecology that is completely independent of corporate money is not easy. But thousands of Greens across the country (and millions around the world) are working hard to do it, because we see it as our best hope for building a bridge from the world we have, beset by economic and ecological crisis, to the better world we know is possible. Every single vote we get is a vote to grow our movement stronger, and that makes every single vote a victory.

Peace and solidarity! -Dave Schwab, Green Party Watch co-editor

Dave Schwab

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