Jill Stein: Don’t let Koch ally lock MN Green candidate out of Attorney General debate

p stanley hubbard koch brosCall to action from former Presidential Candidate, Dr. Jill Stein:
The political establishment is quaking in their boots that progressive powerhouse, Andy Dawkins – former Democratic legislator turned Green Party candidate for Minnesota Attorney General – will be heard.

RIGHT NOW Koch brother ally, Stanley Hubbard, owner of tv station KSTP, is locking Andy out of the sole televised debate on November 1st.

It’s time to bombard KSTP with phone calls to Let Andy Debate! You can make all the difference by calling 651-642-4455 with that simple message. Share, and let’s make this fight for democracy go viral.

No matter what state you live in, we all have a stake in reviving our dying democracy. Here’s as good a chance as we’ll ever have to do just that.

After 15 years as a Democratic Party state legislator, representing one of the poorest St. Paul neighborhoods in the Minn. House of Representatives, pre-eminent progressive fighter, Dawkins for Attorney General knows establishment politics from the inside out. Which is why he’s now challenging corporate politics head on as a Green Party candidate for Attorney General of Minnesota – fighting for living wages, community-based jobs, fossil fuel divestment, and to end student debt, police brutality, drug wars, and much more.

You can change the playing field in the race by making a 30 second phone call. If everyone who wants to fight back against the new hyper-toxicity of the political establishment chimes in, we will be a whole new force for democracy.

Especially in this race. Because once Andy is unleashed on the airways, Minnesota elections will never be the same.

Please join me in bombarding KSTP with phone calls to Let Andy Debate! 651-642-4455.

Because an assault on democracy ANYWHERE is an assault on democracy EVERYWHERE!

More on this remarkable champion for the 99% here -http://www.dawkinsforag.com/

Upward together! ~ jill

PS. Here’s some possible language you can use for the call to KSTP 651-642-4455:
“I want Green Party candidate Andy Dawkins to be included in the upcoming Attorney General debate, and that he be granted the additional two minutes of free air time offered to each of the other candidates.”

Dave Schwab

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