NY Times covers Emily “Spicy Brown” Sanchez, TX Green for US Senate

p Emily SpicyBrown SanchezFrom the New York Times (editor’s note: the NYT has conspicuously refused to cover Green Howie Hawkins’ surging campaign for NY Governor):

The Green Party candidate from Texas, Emily Sanchez, has few resources in her bid for the United States Senate.

She has no war chest to buy ads or television time. Her campaigning is limited because she holds a full-time job. She has no campaign staff to write speeches or set up rallies. She faces formidable and well-financed opposition.

What she does have is a nickname, SpicyBrown, that voters will see on the ballot. She hopes it will garner attention and spur voters to examine her political stances.

“A lot of questions I get on my page is why I have the name,” she said, referring to her Facebook page. “Afterward, I have people ask what my platform is about. It helps that way.”

Ms. Sanchez, a physical therapist’s assistant and a slam poet from Laredo, Tex., said she came up with the idea for the name at the grocery store. While trying to think of a name for her slam poet persona, she saw a mustard bottle with a certain description.

“I’m brown, I’m spicy,” she said. “People tell me my poetry was spicy.”

So SpicyBrown she became.

Read the full article at the New York Times.

Dave Schwab

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