Green for Greens: Didier Ortiz for Fort Lauderdale City Council

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p didier ortizFort Lauderdale, Florida has recently made national news for making it a crime to feed the homeless in public, and repeatedly arresting a 90 year-old WWII veteran for feeding the homeless. Now a young Green named Didier Ortiz is running for Fort Lauderdale City Commission to revoke the “homeless hate laws” and bring progressive reforms like a $15/hour minimum wage, ‘ban the box’ to end job discrimination against ex-convicts, and body cameras for police officers.

Take a look at Didier Ortiz’s campaign on Indiegogo – the election is on February 10th.

Read on for an excerpt from Ortiz’s Indiegogo page:

“I want Fort Lauderdale to be a city I can be proud of,” says Didier Ortiz, candidate for City Commission in the city’s District #3.  “The primary is next year on February 10 [with a March 10 runoff if no one candidate gets 50% + 1], and I need your support so that we can begin to restore pride to this once beautiful city.”

The renowned tourist mecca —the “yachting and sport fishing capital of the world” — has gained recent notoriety for making it illegal to feed the homeless in public, and then repeatedly arresting a 90-year-old WWII veteran and activist Arnold Abbot for defying this heartless edict.  “This is a disgrace,” says Ortiz.  “The poverty level in this city of 170,000 is 44.3% greater than the National average and the violent crime rate is nearly double that of the rest of Florida.  In a city that is 25% Latino, over 14,000 properties are in foreclosure.  So the city drives people from their homes.  Then it keeps people from feeding them.  25% of this city’s population is Latino, and this is devastating to us.”

Ortiz grew up in Fort Lauderdale and went to school and university there.  As a youth he rode the bus everywhere, getting to know his community.  “One constant theme,” he recalls, “was seeing so very many single mothers of color raising 3 to 4 children at a time.  I am running now to help the youth in my community.”

Check out Didier Ortiz’s campaign page on Indiegogo and contribute to help his campaign.

Dave Schwab


  1. It is heart warming to see such a political commitment to social justice at the very local level. Go Greens!

    • I believe in you and your campaign. Stay good, stay strong, your community needs this.

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