European Greens congratulate Syriza on victory in Greek election

From the UK Green Party:

GREEN Party MEPs Keith Taylor and Molly Scott Cato have issued a joint statement this morning after Syriza won yesterday’s General Election in Greece.

The Greek Ecologist Green Party, part of the European Green Party, took part in a joint election campaign with Syriza, which now sees them join a left coalition government in Greece.

In a joint statement issued this morning by Keith Taylor Green MEP for South East England and Molly Scott Cato Green MEP for South West England, they said:

“The result of the Greek elections has shown that the people of Greece have taken a strong stand against the politics of austerity. Greens share the view of the new government that austerity is a failed model which has piled misery on the poorest while making the wealthiest even richer. This result shows that challenging business as usual politics can win the support of the people. In the UK we are witnessing a Green Surge, in no small part due to our anti-austerity agenda, and we hope the Greek election result marks the beginnings of ordinary people standing up to a discredited economic model and failing Governments across Europe.”

Dave Schwab


  1. It isn’t as simple as the headline implies. There are a great many diverse Green Parties in Europe. So there is a great diversity of Green Party reactions from Green leaders, Green candidates.
    The German Green Party press conference by Green Party federal parliament co-chair Katrin Goering Eckhardt was much more cautious. A facebook exchange I had today with the “European Green Party” spokesperson noted that Syriza is part of the European Green Left family. That is a different Green Party faction in the Euro Parliament.

    Green Left is thrilled by the Syriza election. The European Green Party is more diplomatic, and careful in the press statements following the election.
    The headline, for the German Green Party youtube video is “Be worthy of the responsibility given..”

    • Actually, this statement was made by the MEPs of the U.K. Green Party, which is a member of the European Green Party.

  2. The Green Party does not lead with mass traction economic demands and is therefore not the American version of SYRIZA.

    The SYRIZA program is 40 points, nearly all of them being economic demands: http://www.blacklistednews.com/Syriza%E2%80%99s_40_point_plan_for_Greece/41618/0/38/38/Y/M.html

    If you want to see the real American version of SYRIZA, check out the Tax Wall Street Party!

    Tax Wall Street Party: America’s answer to SYRIZA:

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