Green Party starts ballot access drives in Missouri, Arkansas

p Green Party US new logoFrom the Green Party US Ballot Access Committee:

The National Green Party’s Ballot Access Committee is finalizing a plan to increase our ballot lines from 21 at the end of 2014 to 31 by the end of 2015. The more petition drives we complete in 2015, the more our Presidential candidate can focus on campaigning and building the party instead of fighting just to get on the ballot.

It is our pleasure to inform you that our petition drive has started in Missouri. Our state affiliate in Missouri, which is called the Progressive Party, needs 10,000 signatures to get on the ballot. We hope to complete the petition drive this year and recruit a slate of statewide candidates to run in 2016.

If we get 2% or more in any statewide race, we will retain a ballot line for the entire party in Missouri for the first time in our history. We will have ballot access for four years and will have a party primary just like the Constitution, Democratic, Libertarian, and Republican Parties.

We also plan to start petitioning in Arkansas this month. This is a limited petition to get our Presidential candidate on the ballot; it requires only 1,000 signatures to complete. We hope to wrap up the Arkansas petition drive in June.

If you can help in either of these states, please contact me at greenyager at gmail.com There are eight other states where we plan to get ballot access this year, and we will keep you updated on developments there.

Tom Yager
Co-chair, Ballot Access Committee

Dave Schwab

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  1. Put me in contact
    Preferably phone contact
    With somebody involved with Missouri’s Green Party in the Saint Louis area.

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