Green Party of New York State issues 9/11 anniversary statement

gpnys_logoThe Green Party of New York State has issued a statement on the 14th anniversary of the September 11 attacks, saying the party “remembers the victims and their families who have suffered a tragic loss on this day. The bravery and compassion of first responders, trade unionists, health care workers, community activists and ordinary citizens on September 11th and the days and weeks to follow brought NYC and the country together. Unfortunately, our government used this awful tragedy to catapult our country into endless wars abroad and violation of rights at home that persists today.”

The Green Party of New York State “strongly opposed the bombing of Afghanistan and the rounding up and detention of scores of Muslims who were targeted as a threat only because of their religion or nationality,” and said “acts of terror, whether committed by ISIS, the CIA or other organizations intent on wreaking havoc, are never justified but should also never be used as justification for persecution or war.”

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