Hoenig: Stein, not Sanders, is U.S. equivalent of Britain’s Corbyn

CorbynMyles Hoenig, writing at Dissident Voice, argues that though many pundits have called newly elected British Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn the UK equivalent of Sen. Bernie Sanders, Sanders has little in common with Corbyn and other European progressives who have made progress over the past year.

Hoenig says that Sanders “is pro-military, pro-Empire building, pro-Israel and thus anti-Palestine, regardless of his statements (rhetoric) of support, pro-gun (for his support of gun manufacturers and not holding them financially accountable), and pro-standardized testing.” But “what we see that is similar is the enthusiasm, strength, and momentum of the campaign.”

In addition, he writes, Sanders has very little chance of actually winning the Democratic presidential nomination. And “Jill Stein of the Green Party will be outside the Democratic Party Convention in Philadelphia with arms wide open welcoming the stunned, angry and disenfranchised Sanders voters to the Green Party tent for the November election. After all, Stein and the Greens are much closer to the Corbyn left of Europe than Sanders.”


  1. It is too bad that most Americans have no clue who Corbyn is but it would be great if he were to ever cross the pond and do a promo for Jill.

  2. Peter,

    It’s wonderful to see you writing at Green Party Watch. This is a great piece…if we’re lucky, Jill Stein will not only be our Jeremy Corbyn, but also the most prominent third-party candidate for president next year — the anti-Wall Street candidate who captures the simmering anger and frustration currently fueling the insurgent Sanders and Trump candidacies. As you know, that anger is much deeper and far more widespread than most people realize.

    The American people are ready for something dramatic to happen.

    That’s something the Libertarian Party, aka the “private propertarians,” as one wit delightfully described them — the Republicans on steroids who admire the wealthy and couldn’t give a damn about income inequality — simply can’t understand.

    Like most “talking heads,” the Libertarians are scratching their heads and wondering what the hell is going on…

    In any case, it would be really terrific if the good doctor and her running mate, whomever that might be, could hold a press conference in front of Philadelphia’s Independence Hall on July 28th surrounded by hundreds of disappointed Bernie delegates announcing that they’re joining the real revolution!

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